While cremation services have been around for thousands of years, they seem to be hitting the world a lot harder now than they did in the past. Cremation services in Phoenix, AZ are very popular today and that trend is one that will likely only rise. There are many reasons why cremation is way more popular now than ever before. Here are a few to consider:

More Funeral Homes Have It

In past decades, few funeral homes carried the service so of course it wasn’t being used as much as it is now. Since more people want it today, more funeral homes are offering it. Most funeral homes have this service as an option today whereas that hasn’t always been the case. Now that it’s a viable option from almost every funeral home, it’s easier for people to choose it without being picky about the service provider.

Cremation Isn’t As Mystical

In the past, people didn’t know a lot about cremation, and they might believe some of the myths they heard about it just because they didn’t know any better. But today, the information about the service is spread wide and far and it’s easy to find out the real details about the option. Since more people know the truth about the process, more are open to using it for themselves or their loved ones.

Why Are Cremation Services So Popular Today 215x300Most Religions Accept It

There are some who don’t care what they want themselves, they just want to do what their religion calls for. Cremation wasn’t always accepted and so people would go with traditional burials to satisfy the religious portion of their life. But now, most major religions (outside of a few) accept cremation as a valid option. Some even prefer it! Because of that, even religious individuals feel okay with going that route.

Cremation Costs Less

While no one wants to think about costs when they are burying a loved one, that is a part of the process. And, the fact of the matter is, cremation simply costs less than a traditional burial. For families who don’t have a lot to spare or for people who know their loved one would want the money they left behind spent in other ways, cremation is a wonderful option that works well for a variety of reasons.

There are lots of other reasons why cremation services in Phoenix, AZ has risen in popularity over the years. If you want to hear more about those reasons, the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are here to help. We’re open to talking to you about cremation and the details that go into it. We can also give you a tour of our facilities, so you understand just how things work. We want you to make the right choices for you and your family. Give us a call with questions, stop in for a tour, and move forward with whatever plans you feel the most comfortable with. We’ll support you with compassion no matter what you choose.

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