When you hear that a friend has lost someone special in their life, like a parent, a child, or even a spouse, there are things you can do as someone else who cares about them to bring hope to them around and after the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. All you want to do is help them to feel better, but that’s not really up to you. Time has to come, and they are going to have to find a way through this pain, not over it. But as a good friend, you can instill hope into their life. Here are a few things to try.

Attend The Services

One of the biggest things you can do might seem rather small to you, but it can mean so much to your friend. Attend their loved one’s services, if you are at all able. Even though you will likely only get to talk to them for a few moments, knowing that you were there for them is going to mean a lot that day, and well into the future. The people who are truly there for one another will come out of the woodwork and that won’t go unnoticed as your relationship moves forward.

Remind Them You’re There

Some people don’t know what to do around someone who is grieving. They just leave them alone to let them get through it on their own because they think they want to be alone. There will be times when your friend needs to be alone, but they also need reminders that you are there for them if they want to talk. Text, call, or drop by and just let them know that you are there whenever they need you. They might take you up on it right away and have a conversation or they might feel comfortable calling you to have coffee another day. If they know you’re there, they are more likely to reach out to you in return.

Are Funeral Services Important To HoldSend Thoughtful Gifts

You want your friend to know you are thinking of them and are there to support them and sending something you know they would appreciate can help put a smile on their face. Perhaps send a gift basket with their favorite snack and a gift card to their favorite restaurant. You could send them a coupon for a spa treatment to help them relax. Or you could send a fruit basket to help them get healthy treats in during the day.

There are lots of other things you can do to support and bring hope to someone who is grieving. If you’d like more ideas, there are lots of possibilities for during, or even after cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. Call the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel and tell us about your friend. We are here to help them create honoring final services, but we’re also here to help you support them through it. The more we know about your relationship, the better we can offer customized ideas.

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