Planning for a funeral is something that most people understandably wish to avoid. Thinking about the subject means confronting the death of a loved one or the eventuality that you’ll pass on from your family. Planning for a funeral and understanding the associated expenses with it is something that will be increasingly important the coming years. If you’re searching for Glendale, AZ funeral homes, here are a few things you should be aware of. 

The first thing you’ll need to understand is the type of funeral you’re looking to have. If, for example, you come from a religious background, and wish to observe tradition to give your family emotional and spiritual comfort, you might have that as your priority over price or economy. 

For a traditional funeral with a viewing of the body, you’ll need to pay embalming fees to slow the decomposition process. If you prefer a burial after the funeral service, you’ll need to buy a casket, a gravestone, and a plot at the cemetery. 

If your primary goal for a funeral is financial security for your family, a cremation is the more economical choice. The least expensive form of cremation is a direct cremation. In that case, the only fee you would need to pay is for the cremation procedure itself, since it would occur before any memorial service, if you choose to hold one at all. However, it’s also possible to have a traditional funeral service before a cremation takes place. With this compromise, it’s possible for your family to have the emotional comforts of a traditional funeral while saving on certain expenses such as a gravestone. It’s also possible to rent a casket for the service before the cremation instead of buying one, which will also save money. Traditional Glendale, AZ funeral homes may offer the option of cremation, and residents who are looking at funeral expenses might want to know that cremation is now the dominant form of service in the state, with around 60 to 70% of deaths being cremated. 

Other expenses, such as food and amenities for guests in attendance, will be included in a funeral service before a burial or cremation of the body occurs. If price is your highest priority, a direct cremation would avoid all of those fees. 

While this might sound straightforward, many people have been made worse off by not knowing what funeral services they need or are paying for. If you’re searching for Glendale, AZ funeral homes, and want more insight about funeral expenses, don’t hesitate to contact Sean and Cynthia Thompson of the Thompson Funeral Chapel. With decades of experience as funeral directors, they’ll walk you through any concerns you might have and answer your questions with professionalism and concern for your needs. You can reach them at (623) 932-1780. The Thompson Funeral Chapel is located at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338. The chapel also has an associated crematorium, Simply Cremation, which is located at 16952 W Bell Rd #303, Surprise, AZ 85374. 

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