Writing a sympathy letter isn’t something you have to do very often. Perhaps you’ve never had to write one before at all. But when a friend of yours loses a loved one, and is having cremation services in Phoenix, AZ for them, you might want to reach out to them and let them know you are there and that you care for them and are thinking of them. Before you write something that might hit the wrong way, understand some of the things you can or should do within this condolence letter.

Read Examples Online

You can find just about anything online these days, including sympathy letter examples. Or, you can contact a funeral home and ask to see examples they feel are good starter samples for something you might want to do. That way, you know what sorts of things to say, what tone to strike, and just how to go about writing down your thoughts.

Focus On The Person And Their Loss

While it may have been some time since you last saw or spoke to this particular friend, you don’t want to use this card as a time to catch up. You need to focus on them and their loss. If you want to send another letter later on to play catch up, that’s a very nice thing to do. But don’t talk about what’s going on in your life and family in the condolence letter. This is all about them and the loved one they lost.

Offer Specific Help

If you are around the same area, you might offer a certain thing to help the person get through this hard time. If you’re known for your baked goods, offer to bake something for the reception they are having. Or, you can offer babysitting services for when they need to be out making arrangements. Whatever you offer in the letter, follow up on as your friend may not call you to ask about it.

Be Sincere In Your Sentiments

Whatever you end up saying, be sincere about it. You don’t have to write a lot in a sympathy card or letter to let your friend know you are sorry for their loss and that you are thinking about them and are there for them. Just a few short sentences can convey that message and you can call them later on to check up on them again.

When you hear that someone you know is organizing cremation services in Phoenix, AZ for a loved one, you might want to reach out to them with a sympathy card or letter. The professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are here to help you through this process, even if you are just on the sidelines trying to help a friend who is going through the grieving process. You can call on u s for advice any time, even if you aren’t planning final services yourself. We’re here to support those who are holding up the grieving through a hard time. You’re important to their healing process, too.

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