As you can imagine, funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ see lots of different sympathy gifts as families come through to honor people in their ranks who have passed away. If you are going to send something to a friend who has lost a loved one, you can always contact the funeral homes in your area for ideas. Flowers are always popular, but sometimes families get too many of those. You could also always send a card or money for the family to use for the services, or to donate for charity. But here are a few other, more unique gifts that you might send to the family to show your respects and condolences in memory of their loved one.

Silk Flowers

While flowers wilt and fade away, if you send a nice arrangements of silk flowers, they will look good for much longer. The family can take them home with them and display them in their house to remember their loved one, or they can leave them at the grave, knowing they will last longer than real flowers. They look nice on a grave and will make people who come visit feel that the loved one is missed and cared for.


Sculptures are a nice gift because they are something that the family can keep. They also add variety to the display at the funeral home service. They can be placed next to the flowers and they can even be taken to the grave and placed near the headstone for a while, depending on the cemetery rules. Some of the popular sculptures are angels, crosses, and other symbols.

Memorial Bench Options

It’s nice to send something that the family can keep in order to remember and honor their loved one. You could find a bench (they come in a variety of materials) and then have their loved one’s name engraved on it. Or, you can pick a bench with a message on it, like a verse. The bench can be placed in the yard of the family home, taken to the cemetery, or placed in another location in the local area so people can go there, think of the person who passed, use the bench, and honor them.

Garden Seeds Or Trees

Just because one life has ended doesn’t mean new life isn’t still growing. Sending seeds or even a tree to plant in the person’s honor can be a nice way for the family to remember the person who passed on, with your help.


There are plenty of other things you might want to send to funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ or to the family members who have lost a loved one. The professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are always here to help with final service planning, but we’re also here to guide those who want to support the grieving with gifts. Give us a call and tell us about the family you are trying to support. We can offer ideas and suggestions and you can choose what you feel is best.

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