Funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, are one of the first places that individuals will reach out to after a loved one has passed away. In many cases, the individual will have asked for a traditional burial, which will involve laying them to rest in a cemetery. Because cemeteries are such a deeply ingrained part of America’s culture, here’s more information, including interesting facts and history about them.

Early Epitaphs on Headstones

In Colonial America, it was not uncommon for individuals to put sayings and phrases on loved ones’ headstones. Traditionally, they started as sayings about how the individual passed away, but as awareness around death grew, they changed into the more familiar sentiments of hope and grief.

Use of Obelisks

In the 1840s, there was a new interest in Egyptian culture, which led to individuals utilizing obelisks in cemeteries. These structures were considered a patriotic symbol, and they were more affordable than elaborately engraved monuments.

Cemeteries Aren’t Just for Burial

You are not alone if you have ever considered visiting a cemetery for a quiet space. Many individuals find the quiet area of a graveyard to be a soothing and historically interesting place. The properties are also used for educational purposes, with some having museums on-site. Others may be an entertaining space with live music or movies played for crowds.

East Facing Gravesites

Some early American settlers had a belief that they would be reborn once they had passed away. Because of this, their graves were placed with the feet facing East, so once they had risen, they would meet the new day with the sunrise. Later after cemeteries started being built in rural areas in the 1830s, the graveyards were built in hilly and windy terrain, and the gravesites began changing how they were placed.

Animal Engravings have Special Meanings

It’s also not uncommon to find gravestones with animal figures carved into them. For example, seeing a lamb could signify a child’s tombstone, and images of family dogs can sometimes be found engraved on the family headstone.

The Headstone Material Was Important

Gravestones can be made from many different materials, including granite, sandstone, would, quartzite, marble, and slate. It was not uncommon for well-off families to choose granite and marble, while lower to middle-class families would generally use lime, sandstone, or wood.

Cemeteries Have An Interesting And Rich HistoryCemeteries have Rules

The last interesting fact is that cemeteries are very similar to public parks in that they have their own set of rules for people to follow. A few common ones could include:

  • Following any posted speed limit signs
  • Keeping pets on a leash
  • Not disturbing the graves
  • Limiting what can be left on a headstone for a decoration

Professional and Streamlined Services

As you can see, cemeteries play a significant role in our history and provide a safe option to lay your loved ones to rest after they have passed away. Planning services doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and if you’ve begun looking at funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, we are your local experts. We have been in business since 1957, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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