Most people who go to funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ for help arranging funerals are often still in disbelief that their loved one just died. The numbness you feel can take away your appetite and your ability to enjoy life. As they grieve, they ask themselves questions that only worsen the situation. No one can predict when death would occur and that is why grieving people ask themselves the following questions.

Can I ever get over my loved one’s death?

If you were really close to the deceased, it’s understandable to wonder whether you will ever be able to get over the grief. You have to understand that grieving for your dead loved one is a natural human reaction to death. Allow yourself to feel the pain and let the tears flow. Human beings have a natural ability to adapt to almost any situation, and sooner or later you will learn to live with the reality of the loss of the person you loved.

Why are my friends distant? Do they really care?

Not everyone knows how to comfort a grieving person. To some people, the whole situation can feel really uncomfortable making them want to avoid you altogether. You can always reach out to friends that you feel are distancing themselves and have a conversation to help them understand what you feel and that you need their support. Speak up even if you fear that they may say no. Keep in mind that some people don’t show visible signs that they feel for you and all you may see on their faces is a cold stare. Some are just afraid that they may offend you if they try to offer support.

Should I see a grief counselor?

While it’s true that most people get over their grief in a few days or weeks, there are people who struggle for months or even years. If your grief is long-term and is affecting your quality of life or your ability to earn a living, you may need to see a grief counselor. Sometimes grief counseling is beneficial even if you are experiencing normal grief.

What if I don’t want medication?

You don’t have to take medication. Tell your doctor or therapist that you don’t feel comfortable taking medication to deal with your grief. Communication with your doctor or therapist is important because your doctor can provide an alternative plan that does not include medication.

Why don’t I feel better months after the burial?

The pain will heal in milestones and can take anywhere from weeks to months for you to feel better. There is no fixed length of time that grief should last. Do not try to rush the process because you may end up burying pain deep inside only for it to the surface when you least expect it. It’s not unusual for people to break down crying when they see something that reminds them of their loved one months or years after the funeral.

When you come to us for funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, we can offer you grief counseling resources. Let us answer all the questions you have about the funeral arrangement.

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