Many assume that funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ can only offer traditional funerals characterized by religious iconography, sermons, urns, and caskets draped in flowers. But there has been a revolution of sorts as far as how funerals are carried out. People are becoming more design-forward in the way they approach the funerals of their loved ones placing more emphasis on personalization-and it’s catching on faster than you think. Here are elements to personalize a modern funeral.

Use Elegant stylish urns

Traditional urns often feel out of place with our modern home interior decor. They are often curvy with intricate designs carved on them or sometimes just look plain. Fortunately, many urn manufacturers are coming up with new designs that can complement the modern decoration of your home. Some modern urns look like modern abstract sculptures consisting of squares and triangles. They are sometimes designed as planters that can grow anything from succulents to ferns.

Hold Memorials In New Daring Spaces

If your loved one lived a rich fulfilling life, you may feel like holding a memorial in a funeral home would not be enough. For, instance if your loved one spent their life enjoying skating and teaching others to skate, maybe holding a memorial in a skate park would be what he or she wanted. That environment would make you feel like your loved one was standing there with all of you as you celebrated their life. To emphasize that your loved one loved skating, you could add customized details like neon signs with skating imagery and other details that speak to the spirit and personality of your loved one. So, don’t be afraid to add music, photos, candles, and even food to the event. The fresh venue will keep visitors and relatives engaged.

Stream the whole service and let the world witness

Your loved one was a great person who loved life and people. Why not stream the speeches and eulogies given by friends and family that narrate the great exploits of your deceased loved one? People all over the world who tune in will be encouraged, comforted, and inspired. Imagine thousands or even millions of people sending their love to your loved one through the internet. You can share photos and videos of your loved one as you stream the event to the world.

Allow readings from various books

Personalize readings by asking friends and family to read quotes from your loved one’s favorite books, poems, movies, and TV shows. Mourners can use these quotes to express how they feel while at the same time honoring their loved one. You can also read the text messages and even social media posts of the deceased. Don’t shy away from using humorous quotes to keep the guests engaged.

There are several other great elements to help you personalize a funeral. We know just how popular modern funerals have become and are ready to help you arrange one when you come for our funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ.

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