If you have decided that you want to plan out your own final services, you are doing something very special for your family. IT’s also something that can give you peace of mind. You may not have time to think about and plan all of the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ right away and that’s okay. When you pre-plan, time is on your side. You can take as long as you want to plan parts of the process. In fact, you can even take it in stages. Here are a few such stages to consider.

The Disposition Method

The first decision you will want to make is which disposition method you want to use. If you are going with cremation services, you will have certain decisions to make in that direction. That’s the biggest decision you will make and once you have that in mind, everything else will line up accordingly.

Find A Funeral Home

Since you know you want cremation, you will then want to find a funeral home that offers that method. Most do, but you will want to line yourself up with professionals who have lots of options so you are able to get what you need, whenever you decide what that might be. Once you have a funeral home in mind, you can get a list of decisions you need to make in order to complete the process. You could go ahead and set up the cremation service and then get other things in order from there.

Consider An Urn

Cremation service packages come with everything you need included. They have simple containers that the cremation facility provides for remains. You can, however, add your own urn to the package, if you want. Once you choose a package and get that set up, you can still go back later and pick an urn that would make things feel more customized and personal for your family.

Decide On Services

Cremation Services in Phoenix AZ 03Once cremation is complete, that can be it. But you might want to also arrange some sort of memorial service so your family can get closure and say a final goodbye while honoring you. These services can be somber and feel like a funeral or they can be more light-hearted and more of a celebration of your life. Since you are making the decisions, you get to set up what you want.

Final Resting Place

Later on, after you have everything else arranged, you can also decide what you want your final resting place to be. This is something you will want to think through carefully, of course, and perhaps even visit a few places where ashes can be scattered.

There are many things to think through when organizing your own cremation services in Phoenix, AZ in advance and since you are pre-planning, you have the time to do just that. Contact the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel and we will give you whatever information you need in order to move ahead with your plans at your own pace.

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