Traditionally, when an individual passes and funeral or cremation services in Phoenix, AZ are planned, one detail that may be included is to have a reception. This part of the services can be an excellent way to help friends or family members to come together and connect. The grief process can be arduous, so having others to show support can significantly help the sense of comfort needed during this time. Understanding your options can make a huge difference, here are some suggestions.

Things to Keep in Mind

The pain of loss can be excruciating, so if you or someone else is going through this experience, it may feel overwhelming to try to do all the planning for the event. Because there’s so much that can go into setting up all the details, including making sure financing is in place, you may want to consider asking others for some support in the process.

When you are planning the event, you want to make sure that you include details that will honor the loved one, so if you have specific things in mind you would like included, it can be helpful to have a list. Once the tasks are listed, you can reach out to others to see if anyone can take on any of them for extra support.

Picking the Details

The event’s details might feel confusing if you’ve never had to plan a service or reception for the loss of a loved one, so there are a few questions you will need to ask yourself as you’re creating the itinerary:

  • What is the budget total for the event?
  • Where is the event going to be held?
  • Who will be handling different aspects of the planning?
  • How much support will you need to get the event completed?
  • Is the event an entire catered reception, or will this be a potluck style?
  • Is there a full bar with alcohol, or will this be a coffee and tea-style service?
  • Is there going to be a live mic or eulogy reading so others can express their condolences and share memories?
  • Do you want to have a video memorial tribute or a music playlist?

One of the other considerations you can make is looking at any hobbies or interests that the individual may have had and utilizing that to create your decorations. In some cases, individuals have made memorial tokens or trinkets that individuals can take with them after the event is over to help remember the service.

Comfort and Care for All Our Community

When you’re looking for high-quality cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, you want a company that you know understands all the intricacies that go into planning an event that truly honors your loved one. We’ve been in business since 1957 with a focus on the families in our community and providing compassionate care through all their planning needs. If you would like more information or schedule an appointment, give us a call today, and we will help you get started.

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