Traditionally when an individual goes through cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, the remains will be placed in an urn held by the loved ones. But if your loved one was an incredibly unique individual, a traditional vessel might not feel like the right choice and having an alternative solution can be helpful. There are a few different ways to honor them truly, so some more popular options are available.

Personalized Plaque

Creating a plaque that you can mount on your wall can be just one way to remember your loved one. These custom-made plaques or a great option because they come with a space built into them that can hold the individual’s remains while at the same time the exterior can be personalized around your loved one.

Use Favorite Items

Another growing trend is to use items that the individual loved as a place to store their remains. This could look like using a toolbox of someone that spent a lot of time working in a shop or taking a cookie jar and personalizing it to hold the loved one’s remains. Regardless of what hobbies they had, any of these options you choose can be great ways to house the remains and offer a sense of authenticity as you adorn them with decoration or inscription.

Art and Candle Combination

If you’re looking for a versatile choice, you might consider getting an art deco-style urn candle. This option is not only a place to store the individual remains but create a unique look while at the same time holding space to light a candle in memory of the loved one.

Picture Frame

This specialized item is an ideal addition to any home because it lets you store the individual’s remains while at the same time displaying a photo of them.

Poker Chips

It’s a loved one who was an avid poker player; there is a company creating mini urns made from poker chips. The chips are bonded together, and then the center is hollowed out to create a small space to hold some of the cremated remains.

Think Shapes

If your loved one was a fan of geometric shapes, you might want to consider purchasing an urn; it’s also handcrafted in various shapes. They don’t look like a traditional urn, but they are all formed into a unique polygon to create an interesting and modern art style for your home.

Quality and Streamlined Services

Finding the right fit for your loved ones as you lay them to rest is essential, and this is no different when choosing an urn. You want to make sure that after the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, are completed that you have a way to how’s them that feels appropriate and authentic, so doing some additional research on other options could be helpful.

If you require assistance in planning the event, we would love to help you through the process with compassion and care. We are a locally owned company and have been serving our community since 1957, so contact us today with any questions or schedule an appointment.

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