Funeral directors are a wealth of information on everything relating to the funeral industry. If you want to know about a certain price, a package, or even about the specifics involved with cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, they are the people to ask. You can research online, of course, but if you have something you really want to know, asking them is a good way to get the true answer that you really need. Here are some things you could learn about when you ask:

Can Cremation Be Paired With Any Service?

Too many people think that cremation is a simple service because it is just cremation and that’s all you can do, but that’s not the case. The funeral director will tell you that you can have any service you want and still include cremation. For example, a full cremation is the type that includes a visitation and funeral service before the cremation process. After the services are complete, then cremation takes place. You can also have direct cremation, which happens sooner without any services beforehand. But once the cremation is complete, families can have whatever kind of memorial they want after the fact. There do not have to be services along with cremation, but there certainly can be.

Do Religions Accept Cremation?

You might think that certain religions don’t accept cremation, and that’s true. But most major religions accept it and some even prefer it. If you are of a certain faith, it’s best to check so you feel good about what you are going to do. However, the funeral director knows what most major faiths believe and accept as well. Cremation is much more widely used and accepted today, both by major religions and society as a whole.

Is Pre-Planning A Necessity?

Cremation often goes hand in hand with pre-planning, so some people think that’s the only way to go. While it certainly is a smart thing to do, you don’t have to pre-plan in order to get cremation done. You can leave a note for your family in a certain spot and tell them that’s what you want and hope they will follow your wants. You can talk to them about it. Or you can just hope that they will air on that side when you pass on. Pre-planning is a great way to relieve burdens and help your family get what they need while ensuring your wants are met. But you don’t have to pre-plan if you don’t feel right about it.

There are lots of other things you might want to know about cremation services in Phoenix, AZ and you can get information in lots of different places. However, the best person to ask is the funeral director at Thompson Funeral Chapel. We have direct, truthful answers that you can rely on when you are seriously looking into certain methods with the future in mine. Whether you want to plan now, or just want to prepare for the inevitable in your mind, we’re here to help.

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