Planning for what should happen in the aftermath of your death isn’t a subject that you’re probably keen on thinking about, for understandable reasons, but it’s this kind of avoidance which has set too many families back so severely in their finances. Funerals are expensive affairs, typically costing near or more than $10,000, and this is why it’s vital for families to be prepared. In the past two decades, Tolleson, AZ cremations have become more popular, and about 70% of deaths in the state now result in a cremation. 

The reason for the rise in the popularity of cremations over the last two decades is because they are significantly less expensive than traditional funerals. Just how much less expensive depends on the kind of funeral and kind of cremation provider that you choose to do business with. There are generally three types of cremation providers. 

The first kind of provider is an online arrangement service. These services are staffed with licensed funeral directors and are the least expensive provider. However, they’re also the least personal and aren’t available in all locales. 

The second kind of provider is a traditional funeral home. Most traditional funeral homes have associated crematories, and if you want to have a typical funeral before a cremation takes place, this kind of provider is ideal, since you would be able to secure every service you need under one roof. 

The third kind of provider is a cremation society. If you plan on having a direct cremation, where the body is cremated shortly after death, and before any funeral or memorial service has taken place, this might be the ideal provider for you, as a cremation society is populated with specialists in the field who can provide what you need quickly and effectively. 

No matter what kind of cremation provider you wind up choosing, take note that you should never make a choice solely on the price that you’re being offered! Make sure that you closely examine the reputation of the provider you’re thinking about doing business with! If possible, you should inspect the physical premises of the provider and meet the people involved – this is another reason why an online arrangement service might not always be advantageous. 

No matter what choice you’re thinking about making, you should always talk with an experienced funeral director before you begin to weigh your options on a cremation service. If you live in the area and have any questions about Tolleson, AZ cremations, please don’t hesitate to contact Sean and Cynthia Thompson at the Thompson Funeral Chapel. 70% of the chapel’s clients seek cremations, and with decades of experience as funeral directors, they will be able to answer any questions you have with professionalism and empathy for your and your family’s needs. You can contact them by calling (623) 932-1780. The Thompson Funeral Chapel is located at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338. Its associated crematory, Simply Cremation, can be found at 16952 W Bell Rd #303, Surprise, AZ 85374. 

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