One of the hardest decisions you will have to make when a loved one dies is whether they will have a funeral or cremation service in Phoenix, AZ. If you don’t know what your loved one wanted, it can be very hard to figure out what direction to take. You have to guess. Keep in mind that you are just doing the best you can with this situation. Plus, whatever you choose, both services are completely honorable. The best idea is to go over the services and think about the benefits of each. As you look at cremation services, here are some of the biggest benefits.

The Cost Benefits

Final services have costs to them and when you look at funeral costs versus cremation service costs, the cremations are going to cost a lot less. Cremation services involve a lot fewer products and services, which can help you to save money for other things. You don’t have to get a casket, a plot, a headstone, and so on. Saving money on those things might mean that you can have a nicer memorial service. You could also find that you can actually afford the final services instead of struggling with funeral costs. Cost is often a huge benefit of going with cremation.

The Timeline Flexibility

It can be a shock to lose a loved one, even if they were ill and you knew it was coming. When you have cremation done for them, you don’t have to do much other than get the paperwork in order when they pass on. The cremation can process and then, you have the time you need to create services that will truly honor your loved one. You don’t have to have a service right away, though you can. You can do whatever you want at whatever time you want to do it. Having the services on your own schedule can be a huge benefit.

Consider The Benefits Of Cremation ServicesThe Options

While you have plenty of flexibility in timeline, you also have other options. With traditional funeral services, you have a funeral and that’s it. You have a burial in the cemetery and that’s the only option. But with cremation services, you have lots of options. You can have a traditional service that feels like a funeral, if you want. But you could also have a celebration of life, a memorial in a park, or something in a family home. You can also vary the final resting place. You can keep your loved one in an urn in your home. You could scatter their ashes. There are so many options it’s easy for anyone to find the right choice.

If you are trying to decide between funeral and cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, look at the benefits of each and decide from there. You are doing the best you can and the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are here to help you organize whichever service you decide upon. We will support you with compassion every step of the way.

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