It doesn’t matter what time of the year your loved one passes away, having cremation services in Peoria, AZ can be tough. But if your loved one passes away close to their birthday, especially a milestone birthday, it can be even harder to get through that day. Instead of having the services immediately after their death and then struggling through their birthday, trying to get through things like it’s any other day, perhaps consider having a celebration of life for them on that day in the form of a birthday party. Here are a few ideas.

Get The Cake You Would Have Had

If you already had ideas in mind for your loved one’s birthday—like the fact that you would have gotten a giant chocolate cake with lots of candles—go ahead with those ideas and carry on with the party. You can put your loved one’s name on the cake and place a picture of them beside it. The family can blow out the candles together and share memories of other birthdays your loved one had when they were still with you. This birthday is going to be hard, but celebrating the life your loved one enjoyed can make it bearably.

Give Gifts To Others

During a birthday party, most people bring gifts to the person being celebrated. You don’t have to do that in this case. It wouldn’t make as much sense. But you can offer to give gifts to others in your loved one’s name. Perhaps have everyone bring a toy and you can donate them to a local shelter around the holidays. Ask people to bring gifts cards that you can donate to a local school in honor of the teachers. There are plenty of things you can do to remember your loved one, depending on what they appreciated during their lifetime.

Don’t Give Up The Toasts

Sometimes, at a birthday party celebration, you might toast your loved one with a speech. People might bring up something funny your loved one did or something touching they remember. Saying it directly to the person on their birthday celebration is great. Since they are no longer there, telling other people what you wanted to say on that day can help you process the fact that they are gone.

Having a memorial service after cremation services in Peoria, AZ is a wonderful way to honor a loved one’s memory. However, you might want to celebrate their life instead and a birthday party could feel fitting to you. You can even do one of each, if you’d like, and combine them with any other services you want or need to say goodbye to that special person in your life. Contact the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel and get the cremation taken care of and then you can proceed with whatever other services you want at any time. We are here to help with those services as well, if you need us. We want to help you celebrate and honor your loved one.

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