When a family member in your ranks passes on, you want nothing but the best for them. You take your time with the funeral home in Phoenix, AZ to plan whatever services you want to honor them. A part of that is writing out an obituary. This announcement is something that anyone in the community could see and it might be the way some distant friends hear about the death. You want it to be as good as possible, as correct as it can be, and everything you need to get the point across while honoring your loved one. Here are some tips.

Start With A Brainstorm And List

Instead of diving in head first and then getting stuck, you might want to start by brainstorming and making a list. The professionals in the funeral home can give you an idea of what normally shows up in obituaries and you can make a list from that. You can also look at other obituaries and list the things they have in common. Funeral professionals are happy to help with brainstorming or you can enlist the help of family members who might have an interest in the task.

Gather Information

Once you have the list ready, you might want to gather information, so you have everything you need in one place. You might want a list of relatives you need to include, the current name spellings, certain dates and so on. That way, as you prepare to write the obituary, you have everything right there and don’t have to lose your train of thought to go searching for something.

Writing The Best Obituary Possible 244x300Create A Draft To Pass Around

Write a first draft and then take a break from the obituary. You can go back later and read through it and see what you think. Once you are personally satisfied, it’s time to get opinions and fresh eyes on what you have written. Pass the writing to family members or friends you trust and see what they think. Is there anything you left out that is important? Is something misspelled? You might see what you meant to write and not what you wrote. Having fresh eyes will help you get everything you need from the obituary.

The professionals in the funeral home in Phoenix, AZ are always happy to help you with obituaries and other such details. We’ll help you gather what you need, write a first draft, if you want, and even read over what you have to give you feedback. Contact the experts at Thompson Funeral Chapel for any detail you need help with. We are here to give you the information you need to move forward with the services you want to have for your loved one. The obituary is an important part of the process and we understand you want everything to be just right before it gets posted on our website and sent to newspapers to let the community know that your loved one is no longer with us.

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