There are lots of things you can do around final services and if you choose cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, there are even more options. First, you have to decide what timeline you are on for the cremation. Do you want to have a funeral first or do you want direct cremation? Once you make that decision, next it’s wise to think about whether or not you want to witness the cremation. That can be the right choice for some people and it can be too much for others. Here are some things to think about as you consider that option.

It Gives You A Final Chance At Goodbye

If you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to your loved one, and perhaps you didn’t have a visitation and funeral, the cremation process can give you that chance to say goodbye one last time. If you feel like you need that in order to close the door and move on with your life, it might be a good thing for you to do.

You Might Get Further Closure

One thing you definitely have to have in order to move on is closure. You need to understand that your loved one is gone and is not returning. You might get that through witnessing their cremation. That can help you understand that they really have passed on and that might be what you need to move onto the next phase of your grief.

Your Family Can Support You Through It

Having your family around you, supporting you through this grieving process, is the best possible thing for you. You might want to witness the cremation simply because you will have other close family members around you, giving you the support you need as you support them as well.

Witnessing A Loved Ones Cremation is It Right For You 300x199Your Loved One Isn’t Alone

You might also feel good about the idea of watching your loved one’s cremation so you aren’t leaving them alone. Yes, they have passed on, but you might still want to be with them as this process continues. You aren’t leaving them any sooner than you have to and they aren’t without support through the procedure, either.

There are lots of other things to consider when you decide on cremation services in Phoenix, AZ for a loved one who has passed on. If you have also decided on direct cremation, you might feel like a final goodbye and closure would be best served by witnessing the cremation. Talk to the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel and we can take you through the process and tell you just what it will be like and how witnessing the procedure would go. We can also give you a tour of the crematory so you are as prepared as possible with as much information as you need to make the decisions you have to make moving forward. Witnessing a cremation can be very helpful to some, but it’s not for everyone in every situation.

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