There are lots of things you can do with a loved ones remains after cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. One of the most popular things to do today is to scatter the ashes in a special location. Some people also like to keep their loved one’s ashes in a special urn in their home to honor them with family in a close location. It is also a consideration to bury your loved one. If you’d like to go that route, here are a few things you will need.

A Cemetery That Takes Cremation Urns

Most cemeteries take urns and some even have their own urn gardens and special plots for urns. But don’t assume that. It’s important to talk to the cemetery professionals and find out if they take urn burials. You can also talk to the cremation provider as they have likely worked with a lot of area cemeteries and can help you get what you need in way of information.

A Burial Plot

Once you find a cemetery that takes urns and cremation burials, you will then need to purchase an urn plot. These plots are smaller and less expensive than regular burial plots, but you will still want to plan for their cost in your budget.

An Urn

Since you know you are burying your loved one’s urn, you will want to find an urn that is suitable for the process. You might have an urn in mind for your loved one already because you want to display it at the funeral home when you have a memorial, and that same urn will work. But you can also get other types that work well for burial. There are certainly plenty of options on the market.

An Urn Vault

Most cemeteries will require there to be an urn vault that goes around the urn in the ground. This box-like item surrounds the urn and protects your loved one. It also protects the cemetery grounds from sinking and becoming uneven in the future.

A Grave MarkerWhat You Need To Bury Cremated Remains 300x178

Once the burial is complete, you will likely want to mark your loved one’s grave so everyone knows who is buried there. This is important to your family as they will see that marker every time they come through the cemetery to visit. It’s a nice way to give your loved one a permanent memorial.

When you get cremation services in Phoenix, AZ done for a loved one, you have options when it comes to final resting places. Take your time in deciding on the right route as there are no timelines on the process once cremation is complete. If you decide on burial, the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel can help you figure out which cemetery to use and what products you need to go along with the process. We just want to help you honor your loved one and put them to rest in whatever way you feel is best for them and the rest of your family.

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