Many people understandably choose to avoid the subject of planning a funeral. Unfortunately, failure to make appropriate funerary arrangements before the death of a loved one can add even more stress to an emotionally turbulent time, and cost families thousands of dollars. Funerals are expensive enterprises, and it’s vital that you and your family understand your financial and emotional needs before going through one. With an aging population, preplanning with Phoenix, AZ funeral homes is going to become more important for families in the coming years. 

Preplanning a funeral is helpful for families because it allows them to make reasoned decisions in a timely fashion, as opposed to under stress immediately after a death occurs, when emotions are obviously raised. By preplanning a funeral, you can choose the procedures you want, equipment you might need, and understand the financial impact that all of these things will have on your family. If you prefer a traditional funeral, for example, you can arrange the casket, service, burial plot, gravestone, and so on, so that your family will lack none of these when the time comes. If you prefer a cremation, you can decide what kind of service you wish to hold, what to do with the remains, and so on. You’ll also know exactly what each type of service costs and all of the fees that go into the process. 

Preplanning with Phoenix, AZ funeral homes doesn’t mean that you have to prepay for one. If you do choose to make prepayments for a funeral, you’ll draw up a legal document with the funeral provider of your choice. However, before you agree to any kind of prepayment, you need to understand exactly the kind of funerary arrangements you want, select a funeral provider with a stellar reputation, and check municipal and state law to make sure that you’re protected. You also need to know what the contract entails, if it can be canceled, what happens with the funds provided, and so on. 

The prospect of passing on and leaving your family behind is never an easy thing to think about, but by preplanning a funeral, you can at least make sure that your wishes are fulfilled and that their needs are taken care of. If you’re thinking about preplanning for a funeral, much less prepaying for certain arrangements, you should always consult an experienced and reputable funeral director beforehand. If you’re a resident and have any questions about preplanning with Phoenix, AZ funeral homes, such as what procedures would be appropriate for your financial and emotional needs, don’t hesitate to contact Sean and Cynthia Thompson of the Thompson Funeral Chapel. With decades of experience as funeral directors, they’ll answer any questions you may have with professionalism and empathy. You can contact them by calling (623) 932-1780. The Thompson Funeral Chapel is located at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338. The chapel also has an associated crematorium, Simply Cremation, which can be found at 16952 W Bell Rd #303, Surprise, AZ 85374. 

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