While you might think it’s hard to decide what you want to wear to funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ when you are invited to final services for someone you knew, it’s even harder to think about what you want someone you love to wear to their own funeral. This is an outfit that everyone will see and that they will be buried in. It’s very special and important to get it right. Here are some options for what your loved one might wear.

Something Brand New

If your loved one adored clothes, it might feel right to get them something brand new for the occasion. Plus, you might want to keep their items or donate them to someone who could really use them. Buying something brand new in a style and color you know they would appreciate can be a very nice touch.

Their Sunday Best

Lots of people like to dress their loved ones in their Sunday best. In other words, for a gentleman, a suit and tie. For a lady, a dress or nice pantsuit. Dressing them in something that is similar to what others will be wearing to the funeral can finish off the formal feel to the event.

Something Comfortable

Not everyone is comfortable in dressy clothing and if your loved one loathed dressing up, you know it’s not right to bury them in something they hardly ever wore. Instead, find their favorite pair of jeans and a well worn t-shirt. There’s nothing wrong with placing them in those items, either. That’s how people remember them and that’s what you might feel is best.

Nothing At All

For closed casket events that just include a burial, you don’t have to have your loved one in any clothing at all. They are encased in the casket and you might feel like they entered this world in that manner and they should exit in that way, too. Plus, if you really want to keep a hold of their clothing or donate it to others, you may not want to put something on them that would be gone forever, under the ground.

Consider The Jewelry

You will want to consider the things your loved one might wear for their services other than their clothing. They might have on their glasses, for example, because they look strange to you without them. They might wear their wedding band or something else of that nature. But remember, these items can be removed before the burial, if you wish, so that they can be returned to the family. Your loved one can also be buried with them, that’s up to you.

When you are working with funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ on a burial and funeral service for a loved one, you will have to consider what they are going to wear for their services and what they will be buried in after the services are complete. The professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel can help with ideas and options.

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