When you plan out cremation services in Sun City, AZ for a loved one and you honor their memory with a memorial service of some kind, you are doing something for both them and yourself and those around you. You want to honor them with dignity and respect, of course, but you also want to give yourself and other family members a sense of closure and a chance to say goodbye. Once all of that is behind you, it can be hard to find a new sense of normal. Your life is forever changed because the person who passed on is no longer with you and you have to find a way to carry on in a new way. Here are a few tips to help you get through the after periods once cremation services are over.

Tip 1: Take Things Slowly

You don’t have to decide how you want to do things or what new traditions you might want to instill right away. Your grief is still fresh and it’s important to let it proceed at its own pace. Start out by resuming as much of your life as you can and make shifts and changes as you feel comfortable.

Tip 2: Involve Others

There are going to be times when you want to be alone with your grief, but don’t make it the norm. If you always went out to Sunday brunch with your loved one and you want to carry on with that tradition, invite a friend or another family member to go with you. It can be a different person every week or the same person who misses your loved one just as much. Involving others in your new normal will help you to remember you have lots of people in your life that love and care about you.

Tip 3: Try New Things

It is hard to talk yourself into new ventures, but it can also be good with you. Maybe you spent a lot of time with your loved one who passed on and they didn’t like to hike, but you think you’d enjoy it. Now’s the time to try new things to help you move on and figure out who you are without that person.

There are lots of other things you can do to establish a new sense of normal in your life after you have cremation services in Sun City, AZ for a loved one who has passed on. If you need help moving on, you have professionals at Thomas Funeral Chapel who can help. We’re here to help you through the final service portion of your grieving, but we can also offer a number of resources later as well. Call us at (623) 932-1780 and we can answer your questions or set you up with a time to speak to our funeral director in person. We’re located at 926 S Litchfield Rd Goodyear, AZ 85338 and we’re here for you before, during, and even after the services you set up.

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