If you’ve never attended a funeral or been to cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, you may not have considered that there can be appropriate attire for the function. Traditionally, at high-profile events you will be expected to dress in traditional clothing, whereas at a celebration of life, it may not matter what you arrive in.

Whichever you are going to be arriving at, you want to be dressed in a way that shows respect to the family and the deceased, so here are some guidelines to follow for contemporary western culture. You will want to be culturally aware as you pick out your clothing, and you may need to do some research to ensure you are meeting expectations.

General Guidelines

Some basic concepts that you can follow to help you dress in a way that’s appropriate for the event are:

  • Choosing dark colors or black is always acceptable
  • Avoiding loud or bright-colored clothing
  • Not coming with an open collar and keeping the neck covered
  • Choosing pants or dresses that will cover the knees
  • Not wearing sandals or workout shoes
  • Treat the attire as you would if you were attending a job interview
  • Formal jackets are encouraged
  • If you must wear a T-shirt, avoid any logos or loud prints
  • Be mindful of any religious traditions. For example, a head covering may be required.


A traditional outfit for women could consist of wearing pantsuits, dresses, or a skirt and a blouse. You will want to ensure that your shoulders are covered, that your skirt or dress covers your knees, and avoid anything bright or overly revealing. Wearing something modest is a general rule of thumb, and it’s all dependent on the kind of event you are attending. If you have any questions about what is right, stick with a more conservative approach to play it safe.


For men, you will want to wear a dark suit with a button shirt. It’s recommended to wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants with a belt. Dress shoes are recommended, and to avoid any flip flops or sneakers, shorts, and baseball hats. Traditionally speaking, men will generally wear a suit in dark colors such as black or gray with a collared shirt. It is recommended to dress as business casual and ensure that your colors are opaque.


Depending on the season, you will want to change the attire you are choosing. When it comes to summer, picking a comfortable dress or a skirt that’s knee-length with a lighter blouse is acceptable; just avoid tank tops and miniskirts.

Shoes, dress pants, and a button-up polo shirt are both acceptable for men. Avoiding any brightly colored Hawaiian-style shirts and shorts is highly advised.

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