It can be hard to gather your family all in one place for cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, especially right now when it’s not always safe to have large groups together. But other times, perhaps your family is too spread out to travel to the same location. There are plenty of reasons why a virtual memorial might be the right choice for your family. If that seems to be the case for your situation, there are options to keep things virtual, safe, and available for everyone. Here are a few to consider.

Livestreamed Services

If your immediate family is together and wants to have a service, but everyone else is spread out or you want to keep them safe and distant, one thing you could consider doing is live streaming the service you have for your loved one. You will do something smaller and intimate, but you can stream that service to any other family member who wants to see it and participate in their own way. It’s a nice way to allow everyone the chance to see what’s going on without having to travel or without having to put themselves in danger by being around too many other people. You can include anyone who wants to be included this way.

All Online Services

If you don’t want anyone in your family to have to take any risks to get together, or if you are all in different locations, having a service completely online is a good way to go. You can all meet in a virtual meeting room of some kind and have the service that way. You can sing songs together, have readings, share memories, and so on. You can make it very informal or you can organize things the way you would for in-person service, it’s completely up to you.

Website/Social Media Services

Another option would be to set up a website or a social media page where people in your family and friend group go whenever they are able and post pictures, memories, and other things about your loved one. The family can visit that site whenever they want and see what’s there. It’s a lasting memorial that will go on past a memorial that is over at a certain time. This is a good way to spread the memorial out and allow people to process their grief on their own timeline.

If you have decided to go with cremation services in Phoenix, AZ for your loved one, you can have a variety of services, depending on what you want for your loved one and what you feel is safe and the best for your family and yourself. The professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel are here to go over any options you are considering in detail so you have the information you need to make the right decisions for your family members. We are here to go over prices, ideas and suggestions, and anything else you need to get things organized to honor your loved one.

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