When an individual is experiencing a loss, their focus may not be on self-care, including eating or feeding their family. It can be highly beneficial in compassionate practice to offer the individual support via food there is a way to nourish them in their time of pain. You can present them with this gift in several ways, especially after they have started looking at funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, and here are just a few suggestions.

Easy to Use

They want to consider that the last version the individual might need is more work to do than what’s already in front of them. So, one great option is to offer them a home-cooked meal or premade entrees that can be frozen and warmed up later. It’s also recommended to make extra of whatever you choose so they have leftovers.

Breakfast Treats

In many cases, breakfast can be overlooked, especially if the individual has a more challenging time in the morning after the loss. Taking the time to pick out a large variety of breakfast foods like muffins or accessible to heat sandwiches can be a welcome gift and help lower their stress levels.

Keep it Healthy

It’s great to give comforting treats for the individual such as pizza or a chocolate cake, but it’s good to keep a balance between the choices. People can eat more irregularly when they are in a state of grief, so offering a fruit salad or a premixed option can be highly beneficial. 

Let them Choose

When you do not know what to provide for them, there’s always the option to get grocery delivery or give them a gift card to a specific store to choose what they would like to make for themselves and their family.  

In addition, there’s always the option to purchase a gift certificate from local restaurants, but the individual enjoys it. This can be a way to help them get out and have an enjoyable evening or to choose delivery and not have to worry about cooking. Keep in mind that the average cost is around $20 per person, so consider that when making your purchase.

From Our Family to Yours

A few other considerations you will want to be mindful of are to check if there are any food intolerances or preferences and to make sure that the individual has the appropriate methods to cook the food, such as a microwave. Always be sure to include beverages, desserts, and utensils in your meal package. You may also decide to throw in a special gift such as a care note to offer some extra support to the individual or family. 

Thompson Funeral Chapel has been in business since 1957, providing our community in the families in it with the highest quality compassionate care around. We take great pride in helping you create a service that will truly honor your loved one, so if you’re looking atfuneral homes in Phoenix, AZ, give us a call today, and we will help you get started.

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