There are lots of things you can do with funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ when you are having final services for a loved one. Usually, you have one service, whether it’s a memorial or funeral service. But there are reasons why you might want to have more than one service, especially right now. Here are a few reasons.

1-Keep The Numbers Down

Sometimes, having too many people at one service can feel overwhelming. If you want to keep the numbers down so everyone has a chance to honor your loved one in a more intimate setting, you might want to have more than one service so you can keep the numbers down.

2-Allow More People The Chance To Honor Your Loved One

Not everyone may want to go to a funeral or memorial service that has a lot of people present. That means they might just skip the service altogether. If you want everyone to have a chance to honor your loved one, break the service up into smaller events to give more people the comfort they need to have in order to honor that special person.

3-Allow More Family Members To Get What They Want

If one part of your family wants to have a traditional memorial while another faction wants to have something that feels more like a celebration of life, you can have both if you do more than one service. Everyone can choose what they want to attend, or even attend both. More family members will have a say and more people will get what they want from the situation. That can allow everyone to have the closure they need from the death.

4-Keep Safety Levels During The Virus

It’s hard to invite the public to any event right now, but if you want to open your loved one’s services up to larger numbers, having several events can spread things out. You can keep a smaller, safer level for everyone right now when everyone is concerned about catching and spreading illnesses.

5-For Different Ways To Honor That Special Person

Your loved one was a special person. Perhaps one service doesn’t feel unique enough for them. You might want to do several different things to honor them in different ways. You want to mourn their loss, but you also want to celebrate a life well-lived. Instead of confusing people by trying to do it all in one event, have several with different goals.

When you are working with funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ on final services for your loved one, talk about the options and consider having more than one service. Whatever reasons you might have for going that direction, the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel will help you work out anything you want. We are here to help you honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. If you see several ways as fitting, we can help you organize whatever service, and however many services, you want for that person in your life who passed on.

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