Planning for a funeral can never be an easy thing to do. Many people understandably avoid the subject altogether, but to ensure that your wishes are carried out, and that your family is taken care of, it’s essential to plan for a funeral that satisfies your emotional, spiritual, and financial needs. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you were searching about your options for a cremation. The practice has been rising in popularity in the United States over the past 20 years, and Arizona residents have been choosing cremation at a rate above the national average, with anywhere between 60 and 70% of deaths in the state now resulting in a cremation. If you’re planning for a cremation, however, there are a few vital things you need to know before you choose Avondale, AZ cremations. If you aren’t aware of the things you want in a funerary arrangement beforehand, the subsequent service with your choice crematorium might not work out. 

First, you need to know what kind of funeral service, if any, you want along with a cremation. If your funerary plan is based mostly on financial reasoning, it might be best to have a direct cremation, which occurs shortly after death and before any funeral service takes place. This is the least expensive way to treat a body after death, as it avoids other expenses associated with a funeral. For a direct cremation, you can select a traditional funeral home or a cremation society. It’s also possible to select an online arrangement company, which is comprised of funeral directors. An arrangement company is the least expensive choice of the three, but you’ll also get impersonal service that might be too uncomfortable for your and your family’s needs at this vulnerable time. 

cremations-in-Avondale-AZ-167x300.jpgIf you desire to have a cremation, but one that contains aspects of a traditional funeral, with viewings of the body and a memorial service in its presence, a funeral home would also function as the best choice for Avondale, AZ cremations. Families will still be able to save on some financial aspects of the funeral with a cremation, but still get the emotional and spiritual comfort that a traditional funeral service can bring. After the service, the body would then be cremated. For religious families in particular, choosing a traditional funeral home and then using its services for a cremation might be the best option. 

If you’re a resident and have questions about choosing Avondale, AZ cremations, don’t hesitate to contact Sean and Cynthia Thompson. With decades of funerary experience in both traditional funerals and cremations, they will answer whatever questions you have about your options with professionalism and complete empathy for your needs. They can be contacted at (623) 932-1780. Their funeral home, the Thompson Funeral Chapel, specializes in traditional funerals with a subsequent cremation. It can be found at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338. The chapel’s associated crematory, Simply Cremation, can be located at 16952 W Bell Rd #303, Surprise, AZ 85374. Discover more about our compassionate funeral and cremation services by visiting Our website is here to guide you through this challenging time, providing the support and information you need to honor your loved ones with dignity and care.

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