While more people are using cremation services in Sun City, AZ now than ever before, there are still families who worry that the process is too impersonal. It’s true that the cremation process itself is the same in every instance, but what you do around the cremation can be completely unique and personalized. If you are considering cremation for a loved one, or yourself as part of pre-plans, here are a few ways you can personalize the details around the services to ensure that everything is special.

Put Cremation Off

Cremation is the same no matter when it happens, but the timing of the process can vary a bit. If you want to do something personal first, you can have a visitation for your loved one and then a full funeral before cremation occurs. That allows your family to gather, remember them, honor them, and get closure and say a final goodbye. After that, cremation can take place and you may feel better about the personalization.

Use A Unique Urn

Cremation packages are all inclusive and come with everything you need (including a simple container for your loved one’s ashes), but the one thing people upgrade more than anything else is the urn. You are able to choose whatever urn you want for your loved one and it can be a very special choice to make. You could get an urn that helps with the process you are going to go through after cremation, like scattering, or it can be something you know your loved one would appreciate because of the material, color, or engraving you choose. The urn is a great way to make the process stand apart from others like it.

Plan Memorial Services

If you go with direct cremation, there aren’t any services before the cremation takes place. But once the cremation takes place, you can have whatever type of service you want later. It’s nice for families to take the timeline away from the situation. You can have a service right away or you can wait a beat or two, plan something special, and have the service whenever you want down the road. These services can be highly customized and even more personal than regular funerals.

If this helps you recognize that cremation services in Sun City, AZ can, indeed, be unique and special, you might want to look into them for a loved one or for your own pre-plans. Contact the professionals at Thompson Funeral Chapel for details and we are here to help walk you through the options you have available to you. You’re welcome to come to 926 S Litchfield Rd Goodyear, AZ 85338 and speak with us in person so we can go over packages, options, customizations, and more. We can also show you our facilities, even the crematory, so you know how things operate. You can also call (623) 932-1780 to ask questions and look into details so you can think through a few elements before you move forward. Looking at our website can help, too: https://www.thompsonfuneralchapel.com/

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