Michael Buben

Passed: May 18, 2023


Michael James Buben, “Mike”, passed away in the comfort of his Litchfield Park home on the eve of May 18th, 2023. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Mike spent his career in both agriculture as well as aerial photography. He was a pillar of the local farming community, and his friends spanned the nation through his aerial photography business. He was an avid golfer and a pilot, and enjoyed spending quality time with his family and friends as well as riding his motorcycle around town. He was also especially handy, repairing airplanes as well as expanding his Litchfield Park home himself with his three sons, teaching them, valuable life skills and work ethic. He was also a mentor to young, aspiring aviators, showing them the ins and outs of an airplane and its inner workings. Mike is survived by his three sons, Michael, Austin, and Grant, his life partner, Sherri, as well as his brother, Steven, and sister, Debbie.

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5 responses to Michael Buben

  1. Pete Biddle says:

    Mike, you are missed

  2. Lani Malysa says:

    To Debbie and Steven; it is with great sadness that I learn of your brother Michael’s passing. I have very fond memories of visiting you all at your home and riding dirt bikes behind your home in the dry riverbed and surrounding desert lands of the Agua Fria River. What 1970s adventures those were! Michael’s obituary reads as if Michael lived life well and was surrounded by people who loved him and knew him. That is a great testimonial of a life. Lani Malysa, Norman, Oklahoma”

  3. Debi Turner says:

    I will miss Mike so much, he became a such a big part of my life at the airport. The last time we spoke, he told me he was ready to retire in the next year, I was happy for him. He was the bright light of my day with that big smile and laughter.
    Isaiah 60:20
    “For the LORD will be your everlasting light. Your days of mourning will come to an end”,
    Until we meet again my friend

  4. Cristy Fogle says:

    I’ve only known Micheal a short time, but he has made a lasting impression in my life. Micheal loved people, enjoyed making friends and taking care of his friends. He had a big heart and a generous nature, he was warm, kind and giving. I cherished the time I was privileged to spend with him, we had some great talks. Good bye Micheal, thanks for all you did for me and your friendship. I loved you big guy, you will always have a place in my heart.

  5. For Michael…
    My favorite poem says what my heart is feeling. You are missed.
    Touching Shoulders
    by Anonymous
    THERE’S A COMFORTING THOUGHT at the close of the day,
    When I’m weary and lonely and sad,
    That sort of grips hold of my crusty old heart
    And bids it be merry and glad.
    It gets in my soul and it drives out the blues,
    And finally thrills through and through.
    It is just a sweet memory that chants the refrain:
    ” I’m glad I touch shoulders with you! ”

    Did you know you were brave, did you know you were strong?
    Did you know there was one leaning hard?
    Did you know that I waited and listened and prayed,
    And was cheered by your simplest word?
    Did you know that I longed for that smile on your face,
    For the sound of your voice ringing true?
    Did you know I grew stronger and better because
    I had merely touched shoulders with you?

    I am glad that I live, that I battle and strive
    For the place that I know I must fill;
    I am thankful for sorrows, I’ll meet with a grin
    What fortune may send, good or ill.
    I may not have wealth, I may not be great,
    But I know I shall always be true,
    For I have in my life that courage you gave
    When once I rubbed shoulders with you.

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