When you choose one of the funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ in the area that feel like the right option for you, they are going to be able to help you with any questions you have and then some. If you have decided that you want to bury your loved one after a funeral, there are things you will want to know about that process. Most cemeteries, for example, require burial vaults to go around the casket. If you have never had to plan a final service before, you might not know what that is or what it does. Here are some things the burial vault will do.

Offer Protection For The Casket

It’s not something you like to think about, but after your loved one’s casket is placed in the plot you have chosen for them, it is buried with dirt and that can be a lot of weight. There are also going to me heavy maintenance machinery that goes over the grave as the years pass, which can also put a lot of pressure on the casket. The burial vault, however, is made of sturdy materials that don’t have issues with weight like the casket might. You don’t have to worry about the casket caving in on your loved one.

Maintain Ground Integrity

Most people have walked across a grassy area only to find their foot in a hole, tripping them. It happens to the best of us. Part of what a burial vault will do is keep the cemetery grounds nice and even. Since the casket won’t cave in, the grounds won’t shift and create holes that can be a danger to visitors, and much harder to mow and maintain. The cemetery will look much more seamless and enjoyable for everyone around long term.

Funeral Homes Line Up Benefits Of Burial Vaults 300x192Cemetery Requirements

Many cemeteries require vaults, so the land doesn’t settle and give visitors uneven terrain to traverse. They don’t want the aesthetics of the cemetery to fail and they don’t want safety hazards for guests. You will have to find out what the cemetery you have chosen requires. Even if they don’t require a burial vault, you might still want one.

If you have questions about the burial vaults, the professionals can help you with that. One great thing about working with funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ is that it’s somewhat of a one-stop shop. You can get everything you need from the funeral home, though you are also welcome to buy products from other vendors as well. If you want to look at burial vault options, you can. You can also weigh the pros and cons of each with professionals who know just what different materials can do. You’ll get fair prices and the information you need every step of the way. Contact Thompson Funeral Chapel if you have questions about funerals, burial vaults, cemeteries in the area, or anything else you need to know as you plan final services for a special loved one who passed on.

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