There are lots of things that go into planning a funeral service for a loved one who has died. You’ll need to choose the location, find pallbearers, appoint people to perform certain tasks, and many more things. The great news is that a funeral home in Sun City, AZ will be able to help you with much of planning, which will take a load off your shoulders.

One of the things you’ll need to decide is what to do about getting a headstone. Chances are you don’t know much about them, but there are a few things to consider to get the right marker for your loved one’s burial site. Consider these recommendations to pick the right headstone.

Make a Budget

You’ll want to figure out how much you want to pay for a headstone. Have you already selected a funeral home to work with? In that case, ask them how much their headstones cost. Again, you probably have no prior knowledge of the headstone industry, so ask questions. Once you understand the price range of headstones, you can make a choice based on how much you can afford. Sometimes you can get exactly what you want at a price you can handle if you’re willing to get a smaller headstone that you originally wanted to buy. Work with the funeral home you patronize to find a headstone that you can be proud of and that will honor your relative.

Consider Material Types

Are you the sort of person who likes to read what’s inscribed on headstones in cemeteries? If so, you might already know exactly what you want in a headstone for your deceased relative. But if you haven’t a clue as to what you want, consider the various material types. Materials include limestone, granite, marble, and others. You might opt to visit a cemetery to look at headstones if you need some inspiration. Which ones catch your eye? Are there any material types that you don’t particularly like? If you don’t feel like visiting a cemetery to look at headstones, then you can conduct an online search to look at different options.

Choose the Epitaph

What do you want to have written on the headstone? The sky’s the limit in terms of the epitaph. You can go with a favorite scripture if the deceased was religious. You can choose a popular saying that sums up their life. You can write a few phrases that give a feel for the person’s life philosophy. Be sure to get input from your family before choosing the epitaph.

These are the major steps you need to consider. Contact us Thompson Funeral Chapel for the help you need in selecting a headstone. Whatever your funeral or cremation planning needs, we’re here to help you with the big and small decisions. Give us a call at (623) 932-1780. Our funeral director will listen to what you need and help you through the decision-making process. You can also visit us at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338 for the help you need from the premier Sun City, AZ funeral home.

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