Once cremation services in Phoenix, AZ are complete for a friend’s loved one, it might be easy enough for you to move on and go back to your everyday life. But what about them? They have to find a new sense of normal and they have to get through their grief. Many times, they want those around them to simply acknowledge the fact that they are going through something and help them remember their loved one. How can you do that without being pushy? Here are a few suggestions.

Text Them On Special Days

If you know your friend’s loved one’s birthday, mark it on your calendar and then shoot them a text or email on that day, reminding them that you are thinking of them. You know they are going to remember the date and when you recognize it as well, it gives them a sense of support they didn’t have before.

Ask About The Loved One

You might meet your friend on occasion for coffee or lunch. You don’t have to bring their loved one up every time, but try to slip them into conversation sometimes so your friend can talk about them openly without feeling weird about it. If you see someone order their loved one’s favorite drink or you have a memory of your own you want to bring up, do so. IT’s good for your friend to talk about their memories and relive good experiences.

Share Special Photos

If you run across a picture of your friend and their loved one, make sure you create a copy and take it to them or email them the digital form. You are acknowledging a memory they created together and that both of them are special to you. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the fact that you are thinking of them and their loved one.

Be There With Support

Make sure your friend knows it’s okay to talk to you when they are needing an ear. You’ll listen to old stories about their loved one or you’ll allow them to cry when they need to grieve. They might not feel comfortable doing that with just anyone and knowing that you want to offer that kind of support will help them avoid being alone when they are going through a rough patch or a bad day.

There are many other things you can do to validate how your friend is feeling before, during, or after cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. The experts at Thompson Funeral Chapel know just how hard grieving is and we understand that there is no set timeline on the process. Call us for more ideas at (623) 932-1780 and we can also offer grief resources that your friend might need as time goes by. You’re also welcome to visit our funeral director at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338, whether you need to set up final services, have questions about cremation, or just want advice on how to treat a grieving friend in your life.

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