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Reverend David Ray Manriquez Sr

Manriquez David

Reverend David Ray Manriquez Sr, born on March 19, 1941 in El Centro, CA.

My dad always said, “Jesus was born in a manger and I was born in a chicken coop”. Born to Ramon Manriquez and Sarah Lujan Manriquez, they were pioneering a church when she was ready to give birth. A church member who didn’t have much, offered an old chicken coop on her property and grandpa was able to convert it into a space they would call home.

Shortly after, the family moved to Santa Pala, CA then eventually to Los Angeles where grandma made many sacrifices to make sure Pop and his 5 siblings had a proper education and opportunities for a good life. It was in Los Angeles where he met our mother and they were married in 1961. From that point on, they were known as “Sweet and Sweetheart”. Shortly following were three sons: Raymond, David and Anthony. In 1967, my dad moved us to San Bernardino, CA where my grandfather was pastoring at Temple Siloe and Pop became his co-pastor. My father then attended Latin American Bible Institute, of the Assemblies of God where he received his ministers license. Years later he was asked to be an instructor of the extended classes offered in Banning, CA through LABI.

My dad had a deep love for the Word of God and recognized he had a calling to share the Love of Jesus Christ and how God can change their lives. He jumped at any opportunity to preach. He was 8 years old the first time he preached on a children’s radio program in downtown Los Angles with LIFE Ministries. After graduating Columbia Radio Broadcasting in 1971, he started his first radio program in Redlands, CA on public radio on Sunday mornings. This is when his long-awaited princess was born and we received our little sister, Eileen.

As the years followed Pop would have many opportunities to preach the Word of God. Some were in places most of us would not like to go but my dad went anyway. He said, “If God makes the way for me to go, I will go”. He was invited to preach in the toughest prison and small villages in Mexico alongside his dad. In 1972, Pop pastored in San Bernardino, CA. In 1976 my grandfather went home to be with the Lord. Shortly after, Pop was offered to pastor in San Jacinto, CA (New Life Chapel). Together, my parents pastored there for over 7 years.

In 1985, Pop completed his AA as Valedictorian with an interest in Phycology at Mt. San Jacinto Community College and later went on to receive his Master’s in Theology though Bethel Bible College. With a love for education, Pop was excepted at the University of San Diego where he continued his education. While in San Diego, he connected with Pastor Vicente Montano and became his co-pastor at Zion Christian Center and co-host on the TV program Diles. This program was played throughout Central America and North America which opened many doors for him to go minister around the world. Just to name a few, Pop preached in the Philippines, Costa Rica, Porta Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, El Salvador, and many State in the US. While on vacation in Israel, he was asked to lead communion to his tour group in The Upper Room, the same place where the Lord had His last supper. In San Diego, Pop had the privilege of meeting world-renowned evangelist, George Otis who owned a short way radio station in Los Angeles. Otis invited Pop to preach on the radio every week all around the world once again.

In 1995, my parents moved to Palm Springs, CA where they thought they would retire. Pop was never able to just sit still, so he agreed to help a friend at the local Salvation Army who was looking for help to build their new Community Center. Shortly after, Pop was drafted into the Salvation Army where he served as the Envoy in Charge were they pastored for 10 years, our mother always by his side. He worked hard to help raise over $5,000,000.00 to build a brand-new church, and when it was finished being built, he felt he was ready to retire in Goodyear, AZ. But…. Pop never did learn how to retire. He was always meeting up with old friends and making new friends. When people realized he was anointed to preach, he would always be asked to help pastor, teach, and/or preach. He never pasted up an opportunity to share the unadulterated Gospel.

In 2019, Pop fell sick and ended up in the hospital for the first time ever. As a result, he was left with only 20% of his heart function and his doctor told him he had to stop pastoring. This was devastating to him because he had always said, “When I die, I want to die preaching and doing the work of the Lord or die in my sleep.”  Pop was determined to keep preaching so he made FaceBook his platform and used social media to spread the gospel daily to people he would never meet all over the world. Everyone who heard him, loved him. And thousands of souls were won into the Kingdom of Heaven because Pop made it his life mission to never stop sharing the Gospel to all who would listen.

After recovering, the Lord led him to Tolleson Christion Center where he told my mom, “This feels like home”. Pastor Fernando Jimenez and the church welcomed my parents with open arms. Understanding his limitations, pastor included them into the church and kept a close eye on them. As time pasted and my dad became stronger, Pastor Fernando gave him a place of honor and involved him as much as Pop was willing.

We believe this is what kept my dad going these past 2 years. It was here where Pop was able to fulfill his live long desire and preach his final sermon on the last Sunday before his passing. My family and I would like to Thank you Pastor Jimenez and the Tolleson Christian Center church family, for receiving our parents into your family and for caring for them as a part of your family. Pop was incredibly blessed and went home to the Lord on his terms peacefully in his sleep on Saturday morning, May 29, 2021.

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