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Pete Robles Canales

Canales Pete obitpreferred

Mr. Pete R. Canales, age 75, of Phoenix, Arizona passed away on November 24, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona. He was born October 19, 1945 to Frank B. Canales and Amalia R. Canales in San Antonio, Texas.

Pete served in the United States Army as an Infantry Medic from 1966-1969. Among his many awards were the Purple Heart, Army Commendation medal for Heroism and the Bronze Star medal.

One of his many accomplishments include his own successful Design/Build construction business in Tacoma, Washington. He had an amazing artistic ability.

He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Sandra L. Canales; his daughter and son-in-law, Jaime L. Ricketts and Matthew Ricketts; his sons, Jason K. Canales, Justin P. Canales; and his two grandsons, Isaac and Cardon Canales. Pete is preceded in death by his brothers, Rudy, Richard, Alfred, Roger and Domingo; as well as his sisters, Susie and Rachel.

A visitation will be held at 1:00PM on Thursday, December 3, 2020 at Thompson Funeral Chapel, 926 South Litchfield Road, in Goodyear, Arizona. Funeral Services will be held at 2:00PM following the visitation.

4 Comments on “Pete Robles Canales

  1. Dear Family,
    Pete remains a hero to all of us. His strength in the face of adversity is an inspiration we will always admire and reflect on.
    We have been blessed with a loving family which Pete was a great part of. Let us continue in love and honor Pete’s memory.
    Love and God’s blessings to you all.

  2. As I’ve never been to Arizona, unfortunately I didn’t spend very much time with Uncle Pete and didn’t get to know him very well in person. However, of the few interactions I had with him growing up, he was always very warm and kind. Even to a small, shy, nervous child, Pete was friendly, sincere, and welcoming. It wasn’t easy for me as a child to feel safe around adults that weren’t my parents, but Uncle Pete was one of the rare few who gained that trust. Even as I write this, I couldn’t explain why. Maybe it was his soft-spoken voice that conveyed a gentle nature. Or maybe it was his warm, genuine laugh, which hinted at trustworthy character qualities such as honesty and sincerity.
    Whatever the case, Uncle Pete, I’m glad to have met you and I’m honored to have you as a family member. Although we didn’t spend much time together in this lifetime, maybe we’ll get a chance to in the next life. After all, we’ll have a whole eternity to get to know each other as brother and sister in Christ, right? An eternity together with Jesus is an amazing, incomprehensible promise from God that cannot be taken away (Romans 8). So it stands to reason that we will also live amongst one another, as well as Jesus, for all eternity. Whether or not you want to be, you’re stuck with me forever. Ha ha ha.
    In the future, all this time spent without you on earth will seem like a brief wisp of dust in the wind compared to our eternity together. In fact, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the pain of separation from your loved ones is completely forgotten once we’re reunited. All in due time, of course.
    It’s God’s plan to reunite us, so we will trust Him and patiently wait on Him. In the meantime, know that your absence is sorely felt and we look forward the day when we can just speak to you face-to-face again and hear your joyful laugh, instead of having to leave you messages online like this in a temporary world. We love you, Uncle Pete! Now and forever. God bless.

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