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Arcelia “Archie” Romero

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Our beloved Archie Romero passed away on Friday September 3rd, 2021, at the age of 65. Services will be held at Thompson Funeral Chapel on September 18th @9:30am – 11am. At the time of her passing her dedicated and loving Husband of 37 years was by her side. Also next to her were her loving little sisters. Archie leaves behind her husband Fidel Romero and three adult sons Robert Chavez, Efran Chavez and Angel Chavez. Archie also leaves behind 12 grandkids and 7 great grandkids. She dedicated her life to Jehovah, family to include her spiritual family. Archie touched the hearts of many people and will be truly missed.


Mom, where do I start you were the best mother a boy could ask for, your love was unweathering your strength so impowering. My mother loved her three boys. Growing up my mom loved to watch her sons play sports, didn’t matter what sport all she knew was that her son was playing, and she was going to be there. Mom was respected amongst all our childhood friends; I am sure her skills at cooking and baking contributed to that a little. Most of all it was her heart that captured people, when you walked through her door, she made you feel so special, so important that my friends felt like family. I am going to miss talks with my mother, with out fail, she spoke from her heart and the bible making sure her boys were ready for anything life throws at us. Going to miss watching afar as the loving interactions mom had with my wife, they would sit for hours just talking about the bible and my wife intently listen to my mother’s heavenly wisdom. I’m already missing her voice singing along with her favorite music, she loved singing and I loved to hear her do so.

Miss you MOM

Angel Chavez


Born in Phoenix, Arizona she lived her whole life in the state was born on January 13th, 1956, to John Antonio Cano and Irene Luera. Archie had 6 brothers and 6 sisters listed in order Johnny, Archie, Mary, Olivia, Efran, Angie, Minerva, Miguel, Virgina, Nacho, Vicente, Irene and Frankie.

My sister Archie was the best big sister ever. Always looking after her younger siblings. Started at a very young age and continued until her last days on Earth.

In this picture she is holding hands with her little sisters Olivia on the right and Angie on her left. I miss my big sister dearly.

Mary Cano


When I think of Archie, all I can do is smile. She had a big heart, and she knew how to make everyone feel like they were family. If you knew Archie just a little bit, you knew she loved to serve Jehovah; she loved to meet new people and to make friends; she loved to laugh, take pictures, and dance.

For Archie, baking wasn’t just something to make someone feel good; it was an art form. She made countless cupcakes and cakes for family and friends, may it have been for a wedding, anniversary, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation, gathering, etc. Her cakes were exquisite, especially her Pineapple upside-down cake, which was my favorite cake of hers. She had a way of creating fruit and veggie plates beyond what the ordinary person could do. Archie cannot do small things; she only knew how to go big or go home. She had a love for food, and she was a true foodie at heart! Archie wasn’t afraid of trying new things. You could see her face light up when she would speak about her time working at the Wigwam Resort, the Sheraton, and other hotels. She was a firecracker! To know Archie was to love her.

Olivia Covarrubias

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27 Comments on “Arcelia “Archie” Romero

  1. We’ll always have the blood orchid and pizza rolls. I love you nana

  2. Tia Archie, was a wonderful and caring person. There are so many words to describe but the best is loving! She love adventures, food, and her faith! Never forgotten and learned so much from you! Love you Tia Archie

  3. My dear beautiful sister, word cannot describe how it’s pains me not able to call an talk to you. I wish we could have taken on another trip, fill with adventures. You are on the best road trip now with God. Love you RIP

  4. Re: sympathy. “I wish there were more than words. But there are never enough.”
    –Nora Roberts
    We have the hope of resurrection to comfort us. (Acts 24:15)
    I’ve only known Archie a few years and found her to be one of the sweetest people I’ve come to know–making me feel as if I’d known her all my life. I agree, She certainly had a knack for hospitality and generous as they say “to a fault”
    I love her and will be missing her these next few years–anticipating seeing her quirky side glance and grin again.

  5. I knew your mom – she was, indeed, quite special. A very kind and wise lady.

    Please accept my condolences on your loss. May she rest in eternal peace.

  6. Te extrañare tanto mi hermosa mamá
    Yo y mis hijos y mi esposo. Harold,Ashley and Devén Chapple will miss you so much we love you.

    Seeing you in the new system😘😘

  7. My dear sweet Archie! There aren’t enough words to express how much she truly meant to me. She could light up any room with her smile. She made everyone around her feel like family. I will truly miss her hugs and sweet voice. The way she loved my husband and children was priceless. We all shared a deep bond that we will cherish forever. We look forward to seeing Tia Archie soon in paradise.

  8. Archie was such a special person. I am truly thankful to have known her. She was always loving and greeted everyone with a smile. She will be missed, her genuine kindness, big heart and loving ways are characteristics that make her so dear. Love her and look forward to seeing her soon. “No resident will say I am sick” Isaiah 33: 24 John 5: 28, 29

  9. That beautiful smile and the wonderful hugs you have always greeted me with when you saw me. You stopping to just to share a loving and motivated word. I’m glad I had the opportunity to know you sweet Archie. You will be in my heart always. 💜

  10. Going to miss your smile and making you laugh. I will never see another maple donut the same. Missing you Archie!

  11. My Sister Archie, she was the 2nd to the oldest of 13, and the oldest of the girls. We were 7 sisters and when we all got together as often as we could. It was a time well spent of sharing memories, laughing, crying and pure loving. We would have “Sisters day” it may not be all 7 sisters but it would most of us, we would a road trip up North or a movie day but mostly eating out. Archie loved to eat out and compare or had some critic feedback on the foods. We would all get together and make tamales for some event or just simply to eat them all. We raised our children together, making sure that being family came first. That is what Ariche did, putting family first before herself. She did not have a mean bone in her body, even when she was mad, she had a smile on her face. Love you my sister, I miss you RIP

  12. I’ve known my dearest Archie since i was 15 years old. I loved her from day one. Later shared the most important day together-our baptism, when we dedicated our lives to doing Jehovah God’s will. Until we meet again my dearest Arch❤️

  13. Archie was such a look icing, caring, giving person. She took care of everyone. She was our modern day Dorcas/Tabitha. Like the brothers and sisters in the congregation in Joppa we look forward to welcoming her back to the real life. Until then we will keep her alive in our hearts and our memories and do our best to (like her) comfort those dear ones grieving her loss. Like us Jehovah yearns to bring back his beloved daughter and soon He will. Lets all do our best to be there to welcome her back.

  14. Archie was truly a loving caring and giving person. She was like our modern day in Dorcas/Tabitha. Like those dear brothers and sisters in the Joppa congregation we long to welcome back our dear beloved sister. Jehovah too yearns to bring his beloved daughter back to life. Let us be determined to be there to welcome her back in the New world and until then let us (like her) comfort those dear ones who are morning her loss.

  15. Archie words cannot say how kind and loving you have been to all those whom you have meet, including me and my family. You always had kind words to share and a spiritual encouraging story to tell . I loved our conversation for it was alway about Jehovah and his wonderful blessings. The hope you had, you shared with all those that you came across .This hope you shared is what made you one of the most special friends to me. Since we are just around the corner, I will see you very soon my dear friend… can’t to share this friendship in the new system 🌻

  16. A big loss to many including my family. Until we meet you in paradise. Thank you for being a fine example in the congregation. And being a good example in loving Jehovah. I think of this scripture when thinking of you. 2 tTimothy 4:7. “
    have fought the fine fight, I have run the race to the finish, I have observed the faith. 8 From this time on, there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will give me as a reward in that day…”

  17. Oh dear Archie all will miss you. You had a way about you that made all feel special, like we were the only one that mattered at the time. With much love and respect, I will miss you always, Rosie Acuna
    My condolences go all your family and friends. You were gone much too soon.

  18. I loved Archie. I felt like running towards her every time I saw her just to get one of her big hugs. She was love personified. Her zeal in the ministry, her love for people and the pure joy she would bring is what I will miss. I hope to be there when she is resurrected so I can give her a big hug and tell her what an amazing example she has been for me.

  19. Archie,
    the future is bright when we think of our fathers love for her as well as others who are sleeping and waiting for the resurrection.
    Archie’s memories makes all of us more determined continues on.We must all focus on the hope we have been given of living forever on this beautiful earth
    To all of us who are mourning her loss Jehovah’s promises helps us to keep

  20. You were a special mother in law- I just wanted to say thank you for being a good mom and raising a good son, sharing your special recipes and most of all teaching me about your scriptures… I could always depend on you having the answers to my oddest questions. We love and miss you!

  21. By encouraging one another to be loyal to Jehovah, our bonds of peace, love and brotherhood are strengthened. By the love that unites us, we gain strength and courage. God’s congregation is our refuge. Let us encourage one another in this difficult time. I meet Archie for a short time and instantly we became friends, she had very good qualities and one was being a good friend, to me she was very artistic with her hands, cause she can make so beautiful cakes and fruit and vegie designs. And she always care for all of the spiritual family, wherever they were.
    Archie, you will be missed.
    Will see you soon in paradise.

  22. Oh Archie,
    You were the best mother-in -law , friend I could have asked for, I love and miss the time we spent together, if it was a visit or a phone call, decorating a cake. Thank you for always being there for me and my kids, even tho it was hard at times.. you always knew what to say.. I love u ..

  23. I apologize for how long it has taken me to write for you. You meant so much to me and I didn’t want it to be true . I will carry out the rest of my life with every little teaching you have ever given me . I love you so very much and I will see you on the day you are resurrected.

  24. Archie would light up a room with her bright warm smile the love she showed was just who she was. When I met archie she made me feel at home she was a wonderful example and precious lover of Jehovah. We long to great her back may Jehovah comfort all during this most difficult loss of our dear Archie

  25. To Sweet Archie..
    I love about you … You would give us big bear hugs when we would walk into the meeting me and my children. I love that about you … You were like the Grandma to all Of us all the meetings❤️Archie you will be miss! You were such a fine example in the congregation! Can’t wait to see you in paradise and give you that big bear hug!

  26. Archie you were like a second mother for me and Jeremiah. Fidel we could always make you laugh and tease you. We are so hopeful to see your beautiful bride again Soon!!! We love you and we truly have a piece of our hearts missing.

    Love the Salas family

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