Cremation in Avondale, AZ

Cremation Has Gained In Popularity—Why?

When things become popular within a culture, there are often more than one reason for it. People like subway tiles because they’re streamlined, classic, attractive, accessible, and fit in with almost any style. There are even popularity trends within the funeral industry. Cremation in Avondale, AZ is more popular today than it has been in past decades. Why is that? Cremation has been around for centuries. What is it about today’s society that makes it such a good option? Here are a few reasons why cremation is so popular today.  

Reason 1: Good Old Fashioned Budget Concerns 

Funerals can cost quite a bit of money so it’s nice to have alternatives to the traditions that cost less. People can pick and choose through the services and options to find an honoring service they can afford. Cremation has made the choices even more affordable. This option cuts out some of the services and products you absolutely have to have for a funeral (like a casket). You don’t need those things with cremation, which automatically cuts way back on the costs.  

Reason 2: Timing Versatility 

If you organize a funeral service, you have to have everything lined up and ready within a few days. Your family has to travel to the area at the right time and that can be very hard. It’s a lot of pressure to get everything ready, especially when you are grieving. Instead, you can go with cremation, which many people do, and time things however you’d like. Once the cremation is complete, you can have a memorial service whenever you want. Take your time planning, make sure family can attend, and do things in a different way.  

Reason 3: Resting Place Options 

With traditional burial, you have to find a cemetery plot for your loved one. Some people don’t like that idea because if they move, they may not be able to visit very often. They don’t want to leave their loved one behind, but what choice do they have? Instead, cremation gives further options. Burial is still a choice, but there’s also ash scattering, urn display in the home, urn jewelry pieces, and many other options. Having those choices allows you to create options you wouldn’t have had otherwise.  

Using cremation in Avondale, AZ as a final disposition method can be very helpful to families who are scattered or want options on timing and location. If you’re considering cremation, but you’d like to know more about it, call Thompson Funeral Chapel at (623) 932-1780 and tell us the specifics of your situation. We’ve seen a lot of different families in a lot of different circumstances. We can use our past experience to recommend something that might work for you. In the end, the decisions are all yours. Visit with our funeral director at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338 and we can go over the cremation packages we offer. We can customize anything you’d like to honor your loved one in just the right manner.

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