Zachary Scott Liddell

Zachary Scott Liddell

September 4th, 1984-September 14th, 2017

For those of you who were lucky enough to know him, you know that to know Zach you just had to read his words. Both on the page and, the simplest reminder of the man he lived to be, tattooed on his arm.

“To Live, To Learn, To Love”

“Stop, Breath, Focus”

Many of you knew that he lived fully, and loved deeply, but many of you didn’t get the chance to know that he was also an aspiring philosopher.

His most recent reflection on his 33rd Birthday:

“Today was a good day. Getting older changes the perspective on what you plan in life. I’ve traveled, seen, done, and gone. But the best thing in life is being wanted, needed, loved. All I can do is try. I wish I knew what I know now when I was young.

P.S. I can die happy to have seen Bob Dylan.”

This should make you smile because you know Zach’s close relationship with music. Music drove him, and guided him through his every emotion, to clarity and peace.

He had a way with words and a way with people. He could charm just about anyone with his smile and quick wit, and had the great gift of being able to calm you down from even the most tortured moment with just a few supportive and uplifting words. He brought peace of mind in times of stress and gave the warmest hugs.

Among his greatest gifts were his never-ending generosity, and loyalty to those that he loved. And his greatest joys were making people laugh, and sharing Chef Zach’s tasty recipes. His guacamole was unbeatable.

He had a deep connection to the natural world. Whether fishing, camping, canoeing, or just starting the fire, he was always “all in.”

So strong and determined, Zach lived life on the edge, literally – testing the limits bungee-jumping, skating around the world, skydiving (twice), and taking the biggest step of his life asking Chelsey to be his wife.

He was a phoenix, living top-speed to the fullest, sometimes crashing, but always rising from the ashes.

He loved reflecting and reminiscing about his childhood adventures with his brother and sisters, was a wonderful son, loving brother, father, and best friend to all.

We will miss his fierce hugs, big smile, and forever remember him sprinting forward through life to his next great adventure – free and happy.

“The fragile thing we all cherish, some are lucky enough. Some are not. Never the less, be the shining light. Be the torch that you want to pass on. Shine bright, strong, and never go out!”

-ZSL 9/1/17

We will have a “Celebration of Life” ceremony to give you all the opportunity to share your favorite Zach memories.

Please stay tuned for details, and share with anyone whose life Zach touched.

~Zach’s loving family


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