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William Alexander Brookins Sr.

Brookins William

William Alexander Brookins Sr. was born in Southfield, Michigan, to Dimitria Renee Brookins (Mother/ since married, last name Coleman) and William Alexander Walker (Father) October 24, 1981. Dimitria Renee Brookins married Michael Darrell Coleman (Stepfather).  He passed on June 8, 2021.

Growing up William Alexander Brookins Sr. loved spending time with his family and friends and especially going on family vacation trips. He had three hobbies that he truly loved doing, singing, bowling and roller skating. William loved to sing. You could always hear him singing something even as a little kid. In Junior High School William sung in the school music choir and was part of an all-male quartet. William was also a part of the senior boys’ choir in high school, although he was a freshman at the time.

William was an avid roller skater and truly enjoyed bowling on the weekends with the family in the bowling league. He was always up to a challenge when it came to these two hobbies. William had a smile that always lit up the room and would make you to smile back. He had a caring heart and would always be there for his family and friends when needed.

He leaves to mourn his 2 children, William Alexander Brookins Jr., and Khyla Demetria Brookins, their mother Krista Martin and play daughter Kalysta Martin, parents, Michael Darrell Coleman, Dimitria Renee B. Coleman, William Alexander Walker and Angelina L. Walker, sisters, Misha Andrews, Felicia (Lisa) Powell (proceeded in death), Nakita Hubbard, Stephanie Martin and Kimberly Alvin, brothers, Rajric Darrell Coleman, Christopher Wilson and Martell Alvin, uncles, Lee Roy Brookins Jr, Terrance Brookins, Leon Brookins, and Shawn Brookins, god parents Krista McCamey, Donald and Liane Wynn, god sisters, Shawna Noble, Heather Wynn and Samantha Kittle, one sister-in-law (Audrey Coleman), grandpa Lee Roy Brookins Sr, grandmas Carleen Brookins, Lois Bryant, and Mary Louise “Red” Miller, and a host of nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends, and extended family members.

William, you will truly be missed and will always be a part of our hearts.

We love you William Alexander Brookins Sr.

Your Family

His funeral service will be held at Thompson Funeral Chapel on June 30, 2021 starting with a visitation at 11am and the funeral will start at 12pm.  A repass will start immediately after the service.




14 Comments on “William Alexander Brookins Sr.

  1. You will be missed William. I love you and take comfort knowing that you are watching over all of us. Fly high Angel. Till we meet again

  2. I have nightmares and can’t sleep.
    The loss of you is a wound so deep.
    My mind recorded the times we had.
    Knowing there will be no more memories makes me sad.I struggle for answers to what went wrong. I’ll miss you my whole life, however long.My world has changed to black and gray. My tears come frequently every day.I don’t think my heart will heal. I still can’t accept that this is real.Keeping you close is not enough.Happiness and smiling is so tough.
    How can I go on without you here?
    Finding out there is no heaven is my greatest fear.One more day, just one more time to hold my child and ease my mind.I hope you knew how much you meant and how much I loved the child God sent.My heart, my soul will never be the same. I will always cry when I hear your name. Love dad ..

  3. You showed me a lot of things.
    I learned a lot I didn’t know,
    But you forgot to teach me one last thing How to let you go.
    I know you didn’t mean to leave me;
    Sometimes we have no choice.
    I miss being your little sister,
    Hearing my name called by your voice.
    I wish I got to say “I Love You”
    Before you were given to the sky.
    If God could grant me one last wish,
    I’d ask to say “Goodbye.”
    You always meant a lot to me.
    I could never love you less,
    I know it’s true when they say,
    “He only takes the best.”

  4. We are so sorry for the loss of Williams smile! Our sons grew up with William and Rajric, The Coleman’s were Deshaun’s second home during the Davidson Elementary days! Lady and Mike always made sure the boys were good, fed, safe. William was so energetic and full of life! Him and Rajric gave each other lip like brothers always do! Fast forward to present time and when we last we saw William, he talked of future goals and he had so much more to do in his time here. Sadly, he is gone too soon and with his leaving- a void in the lives of those who have to live on without him. Our prayers for the Coleman/Brookins Family – We Love You- McDonald Family (Deshaun in Spirit)

  5. l will never forget the beautiful days we shared
    I’ll never let go of our memories we shared
    Many days have passed by
    OH the tears that have filled my eyes praying that I solve the lies
    that tore us apart that very night
    Never will life be the same
    for you are gone that is a shame
    One day again I’ll see you soon….Love auntie Pat

  6. Wow where do I start my first brother we fought played and had long conversations as adults we talk pretty often about everything I haven’t seen you in person but we still had our bond you are my brother and I wish we had more time unfortunately god had plans to come get his Angel you will be greatly missed prayers for Mom and Dad especially your babies ❤️

  7. You were a great father and person you’ve done so many great things in the world it is truly heartbreaking to see you go so fast we will miss you fly high

  8. You were a great person and father it is heartbreaking to see you go but you will be forever missed

  9. I’ma miss u dad I love u! We had the greatest times ever and I will always remember u in my heart love u DAD fly high 👼😇

  10. To Lady..I am so heart-broken over William’s passing. It’s hard to not feel sad because I love you so much. Although I didn’t get to see William grow up, I was there when he was a baby. Sooo cute! He was a good baby. I loved taking care of him when you went out. I would play in his pretty hair, wash him up, put his pj’s on him, then give him cookies!! He loved it. I stretch my arms out to you all the way from Detroit. I am blowing you continual kisses. May God keep William’s children in perfect peace and guide them right now! May God be with us all.
    Your God-sister Treena💞
    RIP William Alexander Brookins Sr.

  11. Sending my deepest sympathy Mike & Lady you as well as the rest of your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers 🙏🏾❤

  12. Tunisia aka NeNe & Jason we miss you so much…however your gone from our sight, not our mind and hearts. The memories you left us with along with tears of laughter will also remain. We love you. God said come on home so now you safe and healthy for he has the last say. See you when I see you.😍💞 .

  13. Just replaying all the great memories.
    You will be missed very much !

  14. Lady, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of William. Know that I am praying for you and your family that God will wrap you in his arms and comfort you during this difficult time. I love you and am continuing to pray for you.
    Your cousin Julie

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