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Timothy G. Kasparek

Kasparek Timothy OBIT

Timothy G. Kasparek, 73, of Goodyear, Arizona, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and uncle, passed away peacefully on August 24, 2021 in Glendale, Arizona.  He was preceded in death by his father, George, mother, Marie, and sister-in-law, Betty.

Tim is survived by Molly, his wife of 51 years, brothers-in-law Mike and John, sister-in-law Kathy, 2 children Jeff and Sheri, 7 grandchildren, 4 nieces and 3 nephews, plus their spouses and children.  

Tim was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Thursday, May 6th, 1948.  A devoted and dedicated husband and father, Tim spent his life in service to God, his family, and friends.  His endless generosity was only exceeded by the warmth, grace, and compassion he showed to everyone, even if they were opposing counsel.  With a reputation as grand and legendary as to betray his soft appearance and gentle nature, he will forever be remembered as a kind, loving soul, that would meet no ends when helping others.  His legacy lives on in those who knew him, and the example of his action that they continue.  We are forever grateful to the dedication and devotion Tim showed to us and in every aspect of life and will miss him dearly.  

3 Comments on “Timothy G. Kasparek

  1. God bless you Tim and your family as they adjust to life w/o your shining light.

  2. Dear Molly and family, I am deeply sad with Tim’s Passing I do know that God has a place for him in Heaven and I will always have him in my daily prayers. May God bless and comfort you and family. Love Norm Colonna

  3. I had tried writing a couple of letters to my son Vinnie’s previous medical malpractice attorney, Tim, to update him on Vinnie’s life. Tim agreed to represent us almost instinctively when Vinnie was a newborn and I knew something was really really not right.. He found my plead that I had put out into the universe for assistance, and he stepped up to all that was needed, literally from day one.
    He was one of those rare angels on earth, who did not really have to do anything for you at all, but they actually gave you the whole damn world…

    Anyways I sent a letter the other day, just randomly thinking of him and thought it was odd that I again had received no reply, seeing as Tim was always very thoughtful and responsive. I googled him, and he passed in August of last year. Just only a couple of years after fighting four whole years for Vinnie’s life and quality of care needs as he ages. At that time, he had also hired another firm to assist, knowing that his health was declining.

    He seemed healthy and well the last time we saw him at mediation in 2019, but can only imagine the toll that a career like that might take. He also made it a point to introduce us to his sweet wife Molly, and to say hello to Vinnie and all my family before we left from that trip. He was truly doing God’s work all along, and despite his profession being questionable as a whole, he made sure that Vinnie’s needs were going to be fully met, before his time here on earth had ended. I will read the Vinnie update that we sent him, just a few days ago. I do believe that those who are gone before us, can still hear what our hearts have to say:

    Hi Tim,

    I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for advocating for me and fighting for me, so that I can have a much better life and access for my needs and services.

    I just took my first plane trip since Arizona visit, to see my great grandma in Santa Barbara, CA and did really well.
    School has helped me a lot with being transported places, learning some patience, and being open to new experiences and less afraid of new things/places/people.

    I have been in music therapy and “Special Musicians” class recently, and we had a performance on stage, and each of us got to perform a song. I did the tamborine to Dancing Queen by Abba, and the crowd went nuts.

    Say hi to Molly and the kids/grandkids from us. Take care.



    I remember you telling me few years ago that this case for me and my son was one of the blessings of your entire life. And you are ours too. Forever thanks to you.

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