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Terrance “Terry” Racino

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Terrance “Terry” Racino, age 63, of Goodyear, Arizona passed away on June 3, 2020. He was born on March 12, 1957 to Augustine Racino and Josephine Bien in Rome, New York.

Terry is survived by his wife; Eve Racino and their three children:  John Garofalo & Margarita, Christopher Racino & Heather, and Leah Racino-Hodges and Matt.  Terry also has 11 grandchildren; Davey, Kairo, Laiza, and Alexis (of John & Margarita), Lily, Michael, & Ashley (of Christoper & Heather), and Terry, Zoey, Christoper, & Auggie (of Leah & Matt).

Services are private.

4 Comments on “Terrance “Terry” Racino

  1. We just learned today of the passing of my brother Terrance Racino in Goodyear, Arizona. We love him dearly and have been worried about the past year (Augustine V. Racino life insurance just appeared two weeks ago), though we understand his passing was due to cardiac arrest. He loved his growing family which meant so much to him and was pleased to be in Goodyear, Arizona for work and the warm weather!

    Terry was the father, brother, manager, troubleshooter, nephew, and sports fan who took care of everything having a career since youth in management of stores from KMART to Ames to well-known retail mall anchor stores, consulting in the management field in the US, and who lived life fully, juggling his many responsibilities. Terrance Racino had a heart of gold!

    He is a graduate of Transfiguration School, Rome Catholic High School and Colgate University. He was baptized in Transfiguration Church where he served as an altar boy, followed by his first three sons. We always remember him at the shot put and was delighted to view his football photo with the class of his sister! Terrance, as the first born son, is a World War II veteran family.

    Terrance Racino was predeceased by Robin Racino in 2005, and Julie Ann Racino is his living sister at their home of birth in Rome, New York who expected Terry to serve as her Executor. All three are the children of Augustine V. and Josephine H. Racino.

    Terrance Racino’s first marriage was to Susan Tagliaferri, also of Rome, and he has three sons Todd Racino, Derek Racino and Bryan Racino by that marriage and numerous grandchildren. As Eve Adiletta-Racino describes, he formed yet another family with Christopher Racino, Leah Racino and John Garofalo, their marriages and grandchildren (See, obituary). Our sincerest condolences to all the family members, friends, and the many people who will miss Terry in this world.

    Terry was predeceased by numerous relatives from the large Bien family (Polish-American community, Julia and Michael Bien), and continues to have relatives in the US (thru Isadore and Yadwiga Racino) and in Poland.

  2. Julie and all your family, sorry for your loss of Terry. He’ll always be a neighborhood “kid” to me.

  3. Great man…good father husband and teammate. God hold you in his loving arms forever Terry

  4. I worked for Terry a few years ago when I started with CVS 6 years ago…I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I respected him as a manager and for the love of his family. Rest in peace..

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