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Steven Altman

Altman Steven

Mr. Steven James Altman, 58, of Phoenix, Arizona died December 22, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. He was born June 10, 1963 in Toledo, Ohio to James R. Altman and Donna M. Griner.

Steve was a loving father, godfather, grandfather, brother, and uncle. He worked for the State of Arizona for over 30 years, where he made so many long-lasting and truly wonderful friendships. If you were blessed to have Steve touch your life in any way, then you knew he was always making people laugh at his stupid humor, he was always there to help anyone in need. His loves were Jimi Hendrix, true Rock and Roll, his green army jacket and (without a doubt) the Oakland, Los Angeles, Oakland again and finally the Las Vegas Raiders. He was a #1 silver and black fan for life. He will be missed by many and remain in our hearts forever.

Steven is survived by his daughter Jennie Roe Altman, son Steven Joseph Altman, father James Altman, sister Lynne Altman Hardman, and brother Thomas Altman. He is also survived by his God-daughter Winnie Gutierrez, and granddaughter Rylee O’Neal. He was preceded in death by his mother Donna Mae Griner Rainey.

A Celebration of Life is being planned and details will be given when finalized.

30 Comments on “Steven Altman

  1. Coolest brother a brother could ever ask for in every way shape or form. We went through some tough times together like two Ohio blizzards in the late 70’s also a lot of great times, memories that will stay in my mind forever and even knowing that we were adopted we had the best of times growing older even though apart.

  2. Great friend. Avid student. Fellow partner in projects

  3. So very sad that Steven was taken from us. I want to say that he was a kind heart who only wanted what was best for his family and children. I am grateful for him and with all of his lists of great things he has done in his life please know that he was a important one to me and my family at a time when I was going through some trials and tribulations Steven stepped up and took my kids in and gave them a safe place to be while I was learning my way. it was hard, real hard but I am thankful for Steve and his family for being there for mine. Since then I have become a stronger women and mother and I learned a lot about my self and I will never forget you Steve you left a great legacy in your children and those you helped along the way god bless you ,know that you are loved your sister-in-law Traci

  4. Brother Steve I love you miss you.Your the greatest friend that I could of ever have.

  5. Mijo Steve you will truly be missed but never be forgotten you made me smile every time I seen you and I will miss your smile tia margie loves you

  6. Steve was amazing man , always helped when he can . He was always there when needed . Was a great grandfather to rylee she misses him but will carry him with her forever . Steve touched so many ppl . I will miss our conversations . I will miss the laughs , and his fuzzy moccasin boots that me and Steven laughed at . he got them but he loved them. We will carry you with us forever and that The legacy of you will go on

  7. I’m Steve’s sister he is missed everyday .he was a light they shinned in every room he walked into .if you ever went anywhere with Steve it was always and adventure. Never a dull moment he mad them all count..love you and miss you lynne

  8. Steve lit up every room he walked into everybody loved him.if you ever went anywhere with him it was always and adventure.never a dull moment he made them all count he made me laugh made me cry got us in trouble more times then I can count
    His favor saying “what did I do’ I love and miss u everyday your sister ❤️

  9. Steve Altman was a great guy to work with. He was fair, respectful and hard working. RIP Sir you will be missed.

  10. Everyone loved my brother he had a humble side to him also a convincing side a sneaky side he got us in so much trouble growing up .it was always a adventure with him no matter where you were.. He loved his kids. Everyones kid he had that connection because he was a big kid himself
    Love you and miss you Lynne

  11. Steve was a joy to be around. Whenever someone had a party he was sure to come. There was never a dull moment with him. He was a pleasure to work with and was even my supervisor for a period of time. He will surely be missed 😢

  12. Steve was a older brother I never had. When I was younger Steve told me I was brat. We seen each other through so many things. He was my big brother my protector and back in the day the owner of the coolest car. As a child I would know Steve was coming over by the sound of his car. You will truly be missed. I love you so much. Thanks for being so wonderful. Ps I was not a brat. Dawn Holtmann

  13. Steve was a great guy. Cool, down to earth and easy going. Rest In Peace.

  14. What a wonderful guy. Steve was so easy to like, and the life of the party. Such a caring person too. We’ll see you later my friend.

  15. Steve was knowledgeable and willing to help anyone who wanted to draw on his wisdom. Always fun to be around. He helped me maneuver the maze of correctional education. He will be missed.

  16. I knew Steve for many years. He was truly an advocate for our youth. He was witty, funny, and caring. The youth really liked, and trusted him. Your going to be missed.

  17. I am sorry to hear of Steve’s passing. Growing up i always felt welcomed in his home when I was visiting my cousins. I will always remember his Raiders chair. I appreciate his friendly greetings, even after a lot of time had passed. I know he will be loved and missed by his family always.

  18. Steve was like a second dad to me. Gave me advice at times, talked shit, and cracked jokes. He was the kind of guy you could mess with all day, and he’d buy you dinner that night. He was just truly a great guy. I’ll miss you but keep you in my mind forever. Rest easy and as you would say “ciao”

  19. I can’t believe your gone way too soon I would say , but you were an amazing uncle loved spending time with you and listening to all your stories and family stories ❤ you will be missed very much , I will miss your sarcasm , you definitely lit up any room you entered people knew you were there . Love you Uncle Steve your Neice Christina 🙏❤

  20. Our condolences to you. Every time we would come to the Christmas Eve party I always knew where to find Frank it was with uncle Steve and every time Frank was like remember I told you, Uncle Steve is the one who saved me from drowning when my grandpa tried to teach me how to swim when he threw me in the pool when I was like 2. I’m like oh ok I remember. Glad he did because then I wouldn’t have such an amazing man today! So sorry for your loss again. From little amount of time I did know him he was amazing and so kind to us.

  21. Steve,
    You were indeed that one friend everyone should have. You blessed and spoke life into everyone you talked to, and no matter what you had going on you put a smile on someone’s face. You and your stories were one of a kind.You leave a great void in my life. My friend, the pleasure was mine. Rest in Peace.

  22. Just as everyone has shared, my Dad was truly one of a kind. His silly humor either made you laugh or shake your head (or both)! There are so many stories and memories I will cherish forever. I remember take your child to work days and I never thought I’d be working for the state one day too! My favorite part of going into the office was getting to go to lunch with you. I still can’t believe that you are gone. I will miss you and love you always.

  23. Steve, you were the best friend anyone could have. I will always cherish my very first days as an officer where you were kind enough to show me the ropes. Your care, concern, and devotion to Arizona’s toughest juveniles showed in your dedicated approach to their needs. I will always remember our festive Christmas Eves with Jeannie, the kids, and your in-laws. I will always remember your crazy jokes. I will always remember your unwavering love of the Raiders and the fact that you always wore black. You had my back for years and for your beautiful decades of friendship – I am forever grateful. There will never be another like you. Enjoy your well-earned heavenly wings, my Friend.

  24. A true inspiration. Changed my life when I was 16 years old. I will cherish all the memories throughout the years. Especially the trips to Vegas. Glad you were a big part of my life.

  25. Steve, you were one of my first mentors at ADJC in 1994. Your unorthodox style made working together fun. You really cared about the kids under your care. I will also miss the many conversations we had regarding the Raiders and Montreal Canadians. You were a true sports Fan!
    RIP my friend.

  26. My dearest friend Steve, you were one of a kind. I enjoyed working with you every day, from the moment you walked into the office until the end of the the work day. I cried every day because you would say the silliest stuff with a smile on your face. I could write a book about you. We were at the grocery store and he was telling the cashier that I’m his Nan and that I shouldn’t be dressing like a diva for being his nan. I used to call him a fruit cake because he was nutter that one in a fun way. Whenever l would called to make doctors appointments and they asked for my birthday date, he would say “Marva it’s going to take days for them to figured it out and they will need a calculator because you are so old “. Steve you have a heart ❤️ of gold. Rest In Peace my friend. I told him that l started a fund raising so that he could see a shrink but they all turned me down and said that they wouldn’t even see him for free, that’s how much fun we had working today.

  27. He was a great man and always thoughtful of others. He will be missed.

  28. Steve, I was deeply saddened to hear of your passing. I do know that you would not want anyone crying for long, so as I sit and write this I am reminded of all the fond memories I have with you.
    You were my shelter in a storm, always coming to my rescue when life threw stones as I grew into the woman I am today. You taught me to love myself, to understand my worth, and to never let anyone tell me I cannot do something I set my heart to.
    You showed me how to be a patient mother, and taught me that love is so much more than that feeling we get when we are so high on life with our dopamine raised levels.
    You helped me to overcome fears, to work through times I thought I would not survive, and to get up…get dressed…and put a smile on my face, no matter what the situation.
    You played a large role in my sons life as he grew, and for that I will always be thankful.
    You were to me…a friend, the father I never had, and such an inspiration in so many ways. So many stories I share are centered around you. Thank you for always making me laugh.
    You always said you wanted to leave the world with something to remember you by. That you wanted to leave a mark in others lives. You did that for me, and I know you did that for so many others. I love you, and you will be greatly missed.
    Something to make you laugh: “Feel the breeze!”

  29. What can’t you say about Steve he was everything good dad grandfather friend he was very outspoken he had a very good sense of humor I remember when we were driving down the street and the song wooly bully came on and he literally jumped out and started dancing around the car my girls were just like so embarrassed but it was so funny and he was the sweetest guy you’ve ever met and yes he would do anything for any body .he was a very smart man oh the stories he would tell I will miss u Steve love u .

  30. So sorry to hear about your passing Steven. You were an awesome person!

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