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Stephen Powell

Powell Steven

Stephen Powell, 67, of Phoenix, AZ passed unexpectedly after being released from a local hospital. He had been treated for an adverse reaction to a pandemic vaccination. Steve was born on March 31, 1955 in Berkeley California.

A friend described him as…“gregarious and intelligent. He loved to travel, go camping, and enter into a healthy debate”. He attended William & Mary, and Cornell University and graduated with master’s in physics and math. He grew-up with his family in Falls Church, VA, Huntsville, AL, Valley Forge, PA, and when the family moved to Annapolis, MD in 1975 he discovered sailing on a Gladiator 24, “Yes”. And later, on the 42’ sloop “Spirit on a Sea of Stuff”, a classic Luders 1939 Bermuda Racer, which he and his father sailed the Caribbean on for several years.

Steve was a Senior Engineer for Loral Space & Communications and then Lockheed Martin. He was the lead on communications satellite technology while working with his team inside an EMI deflecting “vault”. In his teens Steve’s lofty goal was to retire early and enjoy life as a” professional bum”. To save on per-diem he was thrifty to the point of packing his lunch when sent to sales meetings… in Japan, where apples were $8.

In retirement he could be heard, sitting on his porch, finger picking “Here Comes the Sun” on his guitar. He was an avid sailor with many harrowing tales of being at sea in a variety of storms, which included being blown ashore and spending a month digging a trench to get back out to sea before poachers could lay claim to SOSOS. He was a handy man out of necessity as HOA President of his community for many years. He would also maintain computers and networks for neighbors and local groups.

Steve is survived by his father, Robert Powell, his brother Dan, his mother Suedell Powell and an abundance of friends.

Steve requested a cremation, and his ashes will be released into the ocean waves, back to where all sailors wish to be.

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  1. Sending Steve’s family and friends our deepest condolences. My husband and I were shocked and saddened to hear of Steve’s passing. We met Steve in Litchfield Park back in 1993 when we became neighbors. Then it wasn’t long before we became fast friends. Several years later, we moved out of the Phoenix area but still kept in touch with Steve. Life had us on the move a few more times after that and we lost touch. However, we were able to check in on how Steve was doing through family/ friends that lived in the area and saw him occasionally. Steve was incredibly intelligent, kind and witty. We are grateful for our friendship with Steve and are better for knowing him. You don’t meet many people like Steve in a lifetime and if you do it’s a blessing.

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