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Sherry Lynn Peterson

Peterson Sherry

clip image001Sherry Lynn Peterson, age 67 of Goodyear, AZ died December 23, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ.  She was born October 3, 1951 in East Liverpool, OH to Edward and Edwardina Keener.  Sherry was the heart of her family, the rock, the glue that held everyone together.  More than just a mother or grandmother, she was the best friend for all of her family members.  As a single parent, Sherry raised her 3 children. Her role in helping raise her grandchildren was and is a huge, huge role in their lives, and provided them with wisdom, love and a listening ear while allowing her to smother the great-grandchildren with magnitudes of love.  

Sherry worked from 2000-2011 in property management until her health declined.  Once she was at home full-time, Sherry’s care for her family became her passion.  She was a caretaker for her son when he fell ill and she nursed him through to his recovery,  She assisted with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren through their medical journeys and the births of their children, her great-grandchildren.  Most importantly,  no one could equal the love and care that she provided for her family. 

Sherry was a devoted Women of the Moose member of the Loyal Order of the Moose.  She was a past Senior Regent of the Avondale lodge.  She was also a member of the American Legion in  Avondale AZ.  But most of her time was spent with her family.  She loved going to Mormon Lake in the mountains in their home on wheels (motorhome) each summer with her grandchildren.  Whether it was work or play, the time that Sherry spent with her family was precious to her. 

Sherry is survived by her soul mate, Rob Zeidler; children, Jack Kelley, Misty Harkins, and Sherry Harkins; sister, Patty Lebere; brother Bruce Keener;  grandchildren, Natalie Eberle, Danelle Bennett, Jakail Kelley, Robby Fairrington, Sadie Harkins, and Emily Harkins; and nine great-grandchildren.  

9 Comments on “Sherry Lynn Peterson

  1. I will miss you greatly Sherry, I have all your memories of working with you over the last five years to keep me warm I hope you’re enjoying your family in heaven.

  2. Sherry Lynn ( Kelley)Peterson
    The best mother , the best listener, best friend that a son could ever have I am so greatful of being blessed with you as a mother, thankful of our road trip to Reno this past year,
    I love you mom

  3. love you mom thank you for all your kind words of wisdom and your tough love , I will always keep our memories in my heart… peace , love always Sherry Ann Harkins ………xoxoxoxo

  4. I feel so lucky to have known Sherry as a friend and am thankful for the time we spent together having some pretty deep conversations about our families and life in general through the years. She made a mark on this earth and will not be forgotten by those who knew her. I will miss you my friend…Rest in Peace

  5. She was a very sweet person to me and I learned a lot from her. I watched her nurse my best friend, (her son) back to health without complaint. What a truth soldier.

  6. Sherry such an honor to have meet such a beautiful woman inside and out. You rest easy my friend❤🐬🌻

  7. I miss you so much grandma so does your grandkids……

    She’s in the sun, the wind, the rain,
    she’s in the air you breathe
    with every breath you take.
    She sings a song of hope and cheer,
    there’s no more pain, no more fear.
    You’ll see her in the clouds above,
    hear her whisper words of love,
    you’ll be together before long,
    until then, listen for her song.

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