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Sarah Danielle Coleman

Coleman Sarah

In Corona, California born not raised, March 2, 1989, was a beautiful day. A girl named Sarah Danielle Coleman made her debut, hailing from Pennie Elizabeth Larry’s womb. Her dad is Charles Coleman Jr, her siblings Shameka and Charles. She thought they were swell, but her favorite and best friend since birth was Sherell.

She was a little light bright filled with so much love, that’s how she earned her nickname glow bug. As the days went on we just started calling her Buggy. She was always so sweet, giving and kind, but most of all that girl was funny. To know her is to love her has never been truer, you’re nodding and smiling now if you ever knew her.

She met her best friend Lindsey Arcuri back at Oregon oasis, in 3rd grade where they played ditch-em on a regular basis. They went to Independence High where she met a pretty awesome guy, but nothing happened then because she and Kenny Marshall were both too shy.

In 2012 she decided to make her move, she reached out and made him her boo. The first sign that they were soul mates was when we learned neither of them could drive. Our families believe in true love so we gave them a ride. She loved his daughter Kianna and the father that he is, so they decided to have another kid.

In 2014 out came their handsome son named Kameron who she loved more than life itself. He’s her everything and he’s “perfect” – I dare you to tell her anything else. In 2019 she fell in love once again, when she found out they were having twins. At the ultrasound, she was surprised and overjoyed to learn her twins were a girl and a boy. After much debate, she decided to name them Kash Avery and Kyla Alise. But it wasn’t in God’s plan for her to actually meet them.

Buggy became an angel the day they born, the day all of our lives were transformed. For 13 days God blessed us with their presence, then it was time to meet their mom in heaven.

For almost 31 years we’ve had such a blast, and it makes it hard not to be sad. We have all of our fantastic memories, like building sandcastles with her nephews on the beach. Tyrina (Tyrell) and Molina (T’andre) were her nicknames for those two and then came Trevor(Trevon) and her niece Girlfriend (Zamani) too. She would crack us up with her hilarious jokes, “oh that’s a good one!” we’d laugh until we choked. She always made it a point to spend time with the fam, making sure that love surrounded Kam.

Buggy was every positive word that can come to mind, she made such an impact for so many people in such a short time. Volunteering, feeding the homeless, she’d give you her last dime. It’s an understatement to say that she’s missed. We’ve had 30 years of absolute bliss.

Blowing kisses to heaven for you Kyla, and Kash. Wish you could’ve stayed for just a few more laughs. Condolences for the family may be left below.

9 Comments on “Sarah Danielle Coleman

  1. Buggy! It’s an understatement to say there is definitely a hole missing from my heart since you left us. We shared so many laughs and I’m thankful for being able to share one last meal with you a couple days before you had to go. I wish I had stopped to laugh with you in the halls of Independence, if only I had know all the joy behind your RBF we could’ve had extra years of laughs. But thankfully in 2011 I discovered your beautiful face and soul as our friendship bloomed because I never went home. It was never a dull moment around you whether at home, Walmart, or Bahamas you were light. I miss you dearly, you’re still the apple of Romey’s eye. Love you, until we meet again “Tunechi!”

  2. Awww made me literally get tears reading it…this is so sad and beautiful at the same time Rest in heaven buggy ,kyla and kash…this is i cant even describe but whoever wrote this about her and her babies is awesome…my condolences to the whole family…

  3. 03/02/1989-01/26/2020 We love you forever Buggy, Kyla, and Kash💜

  4. I’ll always love you, Puffs. Rest easy 🌺

    *Three Little Birds*

  5. You are gone but never forgotten. I love you and wish things could of went another way. But God has picked a beautiful flower

  6. We’re all going to miss you,my sweet beautiful niece.Kiss your beautiful babies for me. I love all of you.♥️💙♥️

  7. Sarah your contagious smile at work will so be missed! You were always so positive and happy. Remembering our talks about your fear of twins and just seeing how you wanted to be prepared remembering how good of a mommy you were to be so concerned about making sure everything was going to be ok. Only God knows why he needed you more but I’m certain he made sure these precious angels wouldn’t suffer so he placed them back in your care. Rest in peace beautiful and lil babies 💖💜💙

  8. I love you Buggy forever and always! I know I am not supposed to question God so I am trying to just pray for the strength to make it through. I don’t know how to live my life without you and I know it is going to take a long time to accept this. I was blessed to have you as not only my sister but my best friend. My rider the one who I never questioned about having my back right or wrong. I hope you knew how much I loved and appreciated you while you were here. I will do everything in my power to make sure Kam is good until the day I die. I was so excited for our new babies on the way. I miss you Kybuggy and Kashy so much. I wish I could of heard you cry or seen your beautiful eyes but your mommy wanted you with her and God. I Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Little sister BUGGY , I have no words at all. My heart is broken !!!!

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