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Loy R Rose

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Loy R Rose
Loy passed away at his home in Goodyear, Arizona on October 20th, 2020, after a short illness. He was 97 years old. Loy Ruble Rose was born on May 11, 1923 to Ola Rose & L.C. Rose in Pyatt, Arkansas. He was the middle of five children born to the couple. Growing up, Loy was nicknamed “Funny”. He was at ease visiting with anyone he came in contact with. He never knew a stranger. He was an optimistic person, who had a smile for everyone. A favorite quote his son remembers hearing from him was, “We have lots of options”. He loved his family, and his family loved him. He also loved The LORD, and could be heard just a few weeks ago in bed, saying his nightly prayer. He said the most thoughtful public prayers too. Loy possessed an excellent work ethic all his life up until his retirement. He was in grade school during the Great Depression, and only attended through the 8th grade. He joined the Civilian Conservation Corps (known as the CCC) for 2 years, when he was 16-17 years old. He was paid $1 a day and was able to send $25 a month home to his family. After this, he worked for his father as a farmhand on a 300 acre farm. He drove a team plowing, planting cultivating and harvesting of cotton, corn and wheat. He also drove a 1 1/2 ton truck hauling supplies and produce. His last day of employment for his father was December 8, 1942. On February 8, 1943, during WWII he entered the Army, just a few months short of his 20th birthday. He spent some time as a cook & baker. This may have been where he perfected his Cabbage Soup, filled with root vegetables. He made this for his family twice within the last 8 years.

Loy also received training as a Gunman & Light Artillery. This training was put to use when he arrived with his outfit in February 1944, and took part in the Invasion of France. Six months later, on August 22, 1944, Loy was wounded in battle with a wooded bullet in his right arm, which earned him a Purple Heart. He spent many months in the hospital. He was discharged from the Army on April 9, 1945, just a month short of his 22nd birthday. Like so many Veterans, Loy did not speak of the memories he had until much, much later. He also never told us about the nightmares, until a
year ago when his Dr. prodded it out of him during a check up at the VA. Back home in Arkansas sometime after he was discharged, he was in an auto accident while riding with a buddy. He ended up having to be in a body cast for months. Sometime later, Loy made his way to Washington State. It was there that he met and married Oniva M. Brown in Ellensburg, WA. on February 3, 1947. He used his GI Bill to purchase his first apple orchard in Tieton, WA. He had other business ventures over the years, and also worked in road construction. Lastly, his time was spent as an orchardist in Selah, Washington.
Loy and Oniva had their son on September 3, 1952, and named him Ricky, after watching a new sitcom, I Love Lucy, staring Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo which made its debut on October 15, 1951.
Loy was baptized into Christ in 1960, and was a faithful member of the Church of Christ for 60 years. After a time, Loy served as a deacon in Yakima, Washington for a several years.
After the death of Oniva’s sister Janice, her daughter, Sue became part of the Rose Family in 1972, at the age of 13. With Rick away at college, she was a cherished daughter of Loy and Oniva and kept them young. Together, Loy and Oniva were a steadfast Christian couple and were wonderful examples for all who knew them. They were very hospitable and entertained numerous friends and family into their home for meals. Oniva was a great cook and loved to treat others. There was a lot of laughter during these times. They also spent good times boating and camping with friends and family. Loy also enjoyed water skiing. One of his last times doing that was in his 50’s. He enjoyed swimming in their pool, and sharing it with others. Loy was the one who decided to purchase their first snowmobile, and we all had so much fun in the snow around the orchard. Some of our most memorable times, were when we went snowmobiling in a large group of 20 and went up to Ryegrass.

Loy and Oniva were married 36 years, when Oniva passed away from cancer on June 12, 1983 at 57 years young. Rick was always closest to his Mom, with her having more time to spend with him growing up. When she passed away, Loy and Rick became closer and enjoyed a lasting bond with each other. Rick’s lasting memory of his Dad was when he came home October 16th, after spending 12 days in the hospital. Rick wanted to assure him that he was home, and make sure he recognized him, asking “Who am I?” They shared a single word that brought back memories of them working in the orchard, and it was “Prop!” When Rick said that, his Dad looked up at him, gave him a big smile, reached out to touch his face, and said “Tricky Ricky!” We believe it was a gift from God. Loy married his 2nd wife, Jean Shepherd, in August of 1985. She was also a widow in the church in California, whose husband had passed away from cancer a week before Oniva. Jean and Loy had many great years together, traveling, and entertaining friends and family in their home with meals and conversation. Jean was a great cook, and had a love for beautiful things, and it was a treat to visit them.
After living in Selah for a few years, they moved to Sun City, Arizona. They had a wonderful group of friends that they enjoyed from their church home at West Olive Church of Christ. Loy enjoyed playing pool at the clubhouse and they shared meals out with friends every Sunday. Loy was very generous, and many times, picked up the tab of others. They lived in Sun City for about 10 years. After a time, Jean experienced some health issues, and they moved close to her daughter in California. When a decision was made for Jean to enter assisted living, she stayed in California next to her daughter, and Loy moved to Washington State. Loy came to live with Rick, and his wife, Chris, in their lakefront home in Moses Lake, Washington. Loy loved being there, and spent many hours sitting and rocking in his recliner and enjoying all the wildlife. He took many naps there too. He also enjoyed his great- grandchildren. He shared a special bond with Skylar who was just 6 weeks old when Loy arrived. Loy had a stroke a few years after moving in with Rick and used a walker after that. He also had a few other medical issues, but they were resolved with surgery or hospitalization.
After he enjoyed living on the lake for 7 years or so, and Rick was between jobs, we all decided as a family, to move to Arizona on January 8, 2017. Loy was thrilled to be back to warm weather. He said he never thought he would be able to move back to Arizona. He was blessed to have celebrated 4 birthdays with us here. Every day, Loy displayed the “Fruits of the Spirit” spoke of in the Bible in Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 & 23. He was a faithful Christian, a dedicated husband, a wonderful Dad, a super Grandpa, and a loyal friend. He never complained, didn’t argue, and never “gave his 2 cents” when others around him, were less than perfect.
Loy Rose was preceded in death by his parents, Ola (Davis) Rose, Dodd, & L.C. Rose, his first wife of 36 years, Oniva Rose, his sister, Moyra Tabor and brothers, Warren, Gerald, and Eugene Rose. He is survived by his second wife of 35 years, Imogene (Jean) Rose along with her family, his son, Rick (Chris), his daughter Sue (Doug), 5 Grandchildren~ Kayla Rose Warner (Jeremy), Gavin Richard Rose, Jenna Marie Rose, Rachel Rose Waldon (Ben) and Jennifer Nicole Short. 11 Great Grandchildren~ Levi James Warner, Miles Jacob Warner, Lexi Rachelle Rose, Skylar Davis Erickson, Addison Melody Rose, Carter Logan Short, Sophia Rose Waldon, Aurora Kay Waldon, Priya Rose Short, Sydney Nicole Mings, and Wynne Gracie Mings, along with numerous nieces and nephews, and his church family.
Loy was laid to rest on October 29, 2020 at Terrace Memorial Park, Yakima, Washington next to his first wife, Oniva Madge Rose. The family plan to have a memorial service in June 2020 in Yakima, Washington, with full military honors. The date TBD. The family wishes to thank Savior Hospice of Phoenix, AZ, who made it possible for their Dad to return home and be with his family.
The family requests that memorial donations be made to: Sacred Selections at Sacredselections.org in lieu of any flowers.

Thank you.

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