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Lawrence Anthony Gebera

Gebera Lawrence

Lawrence Anthony Gebera, age 74 of Quartzsite, AZ died January 23, 2019 in Goodyear, AZ. He was born January 2, 1945 in Hartford CT. He attended St. Francis of Assisi Catholic school in Tonawanda and graduated from Tonawanda High School. Lawrence lived a life that was full of adventure. He was featured in the Tonawanda News for riding his bicycle from Detroit to Tonawanda, NY and also for fending off an attacker when he was a cab driver in Buffalo, NY. He was an avid motorcycle enthusiast and met many friends as he traveled the country on his Kawasaki motorcycle and in his RV. He was a member of the IUPAT Painters Local 43 Union and worked in Buffalo, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Henderson, NV; and Phoenix, AZ. Additionally, he worked for Anheuser Busch. In the last 10 years Lawrence owned a business repairing “Day Night Shades” for RVs.  He was known to use factory parts and do the job right. He met many people who affectionately called him “Day Night Shades Larry.”

Lawrence was very tech savvy enjoying electronics, toys, telescopes, and movies. He was fond of flea markets and bargain hunting. He enjoyed ham radio and had trucker friends throughout the United States. Though he was reserved, once he became your friend he was very loyal. Kind hearted and empathetic, he had an innate sense of fairness and believed that the helpless should be helped. He was a gun enthusiast and an avid outdoorsman. He enjoyed hunting and fishing, but only for the purposes of obtaining food. He was a lover of the furred and feathered and often took in injured animals to nurse back to health. He was very good to children and animals and they returned the love he had from them.

Lawrence is survived by his son, David Gebera and his wife Wendy Micklevitz of Milwaukee, WI; daughter, Christine Gebera and her husband Dennis Kessinger of North Tonawanda, NY; fur children Penny and Mindy; sister, Patricia Kick of Lockport; brother, John Gebera; and uncle William Gebera of Amherst, NY; three grandchildren, Andrea Rosenburg of Rapid City, SD, Mathew Gebera of North Tonawanda, NY and Tylene Flenorl of Milwaukee, WI and many friends that he met in his travels. He was preceded in death by his father Nicholas Gebera, mother Luise Roth, brothers Micheal Gebera and Nicholas Gebera, Jr., uncle Edward Gebera and Aunt Mary Gibson.

A mass for Lawrence will be held Friday, April 5th at 10 am at St. Francis of Assisi Church; 73 Adam St., Tonawanda, New York 14150.  Non Catholics and Catholics not feeling comfortable with receiving communion may signify this by placing their hand over their heart to receive a blessing from the priest or remaining seated during communion. In Lieu of flowers please send donations to Exotic Heritage Cat Association of America no-kill Shelter; 860 Quail Crest Rd.; Kingman AZ 86409.


14 Comments on “Lawrence Anthony Gebera

  1. So very sorry for your loss. May all of your memories bring blessings now and always.

  2. My heartful empathies for the family at this time for the loss of Larry. His spirit and kindness will live in the lives of many.
    He done beautiful things with his beautiful life.

  3. Father –
    You were not present when I was young.
    You, as my mother, were not good at parenting.
    Each, alone, was a decent soul.
    To others good;
    for the two you made – a desert.

    Had you each the loyal hand
    Of one another and,
    The strength of two in one gold ring, or
    Good parents of your own –
    How much better life would have been for us.

    Your walk away was guilt.
    I did not harm you.
    The parent begins a battle
    The child is left behind.

    For years your good deeds
    For others was atonement
    A life of attempted battle against perceived wrongs

    You were just a man
    One human being after another
    Makes his own mistakes.
    Is entitled to them by existence.
    With none more grievous than
    Any other, merely existing as a state.

    I see you, and always have,
    As just what you are.
    A product of other’s harms
    And, having made a few mistakes yourself,
    Sought constant solus in good deeds.

    You are lost now
    You did not reach out your hand to me
    But it was there for you with just a whisper.

    Your deeds brightened others, and
    Us being all one earth
    Made the world better each day.
    A sunrise to mankind.
    A seed to each sparrow.

    I have no anger
    Only sadness at your loss
    Which is my own.
    Rest without guilt.

    Love from Christy.

  4. Patty, I’m so sorry to hear of your brothers passing. My heart goes out to you & your family. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

  5. I knew Larry over a period of twenty-five years. He was a good man with a big heart, enjoyed the companion of friends and four legged furry ones. Such a lovely tribute to your father Christine, your father was truly blessed to have you and your brother in his life.

  6. Thank you. My husband and I have my Dad’s kitties. They are doing well. They still think about him. But, after two months of getting the truck and trailer in shape for the return trip they bonded well with my husband. The ball joints were bad on my Dad’s truck and had to be repaired before another journey. It has 500,000 miles on it after all! They are sweet cats though Mindy is a tad snotty toward the others. Amazingly, we have only had hisses and kitty cursing – no physical fights between these two and mine so things are well. Given that they are older kitties they are doing well. At night, though, they cry sometimes if they are alone in a room.

  7. For anyone interesting in visiting my father’s final resting place he is interred in the old Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi on Adam Street in the City of Tonawanda where he went to elementary school with his best friend Gary Foit who died January 29, 2010 and who is also interred there. My father had a great respect for animals, as did St. Francis, and spent his childhood with Gary at the school where they had a bit of a reputation. Rest well Gary Foit and Dad. May your friendship now be renewed.

  8. Dod: jan 23, 2019

    My how time does fly by as 1 year ago today..

    Thoughts and prayers are with you today.

    You are in a better place with your light shining down.

    Fondly, Brenda

  9. Brenda, it’s nice to know you are thinking of my Dad. Needless to say I don’t think I will celebrate on my Birthday anymore, it doesn’t seem like it should be anything but a somber day. Penny is still well — she had some teeth removed but is otherwise still well and attached to my husband as she had been to my Dad. I am glad she is in a house with a male. She likes men better.

  10. Thoughts are with you this father’s day…. of much time missed but not forgot in your way… When i look to the night lit stars i see your smile as i think
    of you…. Thank you Christine for being his kind daughter… happiness in your day.

    Brenda Shaw

  11. I hope that Uncle Willie has found you and you feel nothing but love for one another. I will take care of Charlie and he and Penny seem to be at peace with each other. One day they will greet you again, too.

  12. Missing my Dad today. We were approved for the adoption of Zhenya Koval. My father would now be the grandfather of a Ukrainian boy. But, he still is.

  13. You are missed and memorialized this day.

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