Karl G. Bergstrom

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Karl G. Bergstrom, of Goodyear, AZ, died August 5, 2019. He was born March 23, 1934, in Boise, ID.  Karl served in the US Navy from 1952 to 1954 on submarines and continued to serve in the US Naval Reserve until 1985, achieving the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

Tall, confident, and courageous, Karl was quite a presence.  He worked for 23 years as a detective in the Seattle Police Department and in the King County Sheriff’s Office for an additional 11 years.  He met his wife Susan in 1985.

Karl loved the ocean, boating, and sailing.  After retirement, Karl took a job as the first American security officer hired by Holland America Cruise Lines. Though he traveled to exotic ports of call, being the patriotic guy he was, he most enjoyed coming home to the United States.

Karl loved to read while sitting on the deck in the sun and the fresh ocean air.  He was an avid reader,  who enjoyed playing cards, working out, and a good game of golf.

Karl is survived by his wife, Susan Bergstrom; daughter, Lisa Bergstrom; sons, Michael Bergstrom, and Timothy Bergstrom; brothers, Paul Bergstrom, John (Karen) Bergstrom; four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, all of WA State ; brothers and sisters-in-law: Tom and Sheila Snyder, Goodyear, AZ; Tim and Danette Rector, Tom and Jeanine Moore, Burt and Peggy Geiger all of Montana, and numerous nieces and nephews.

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  2. I remember him sharing stories about his working the pawn shop detail for SPD. Great guy.

  3. I was one of few who worked with Karl at three of his career Jobs. When he was a Seattle Police Detective, I was his counterpart in charge of the King County AutoThect and Pawn Shop Unit/ At the same time, Karl and I were in VP69, he in aircrew and I in Maintenance. Following or Careers with the Seattle Police and King County Sheriff, We both worked in the King County Courts Security system. Karl was just great to work with.

  4. Vår Kära kusin Karl-Gustav
    Underbara minnen
    han var och hälsat på Sverige
    där vi bor 2ggr

    Glädjande läsa om hans historik
    Vila i Frid
    mötas och skiljas är livets gång – skiljas och mötas är hoppets sång
    Anna-Gunborg-Karin-Emy-Tage med Familjer

  5. Vår käre kusin – Karl-Gustav Bergstrom-
    wonderful memory- of Karl-Gustav
    He come and meet oss in North of Sweden-
    twice times- He was strong- hi come with his wife Susan
    90-talet- and -secund – times- 2000-
    its so fun see them- both of them-
    Karl-Gustavs fathers hole family comes from Sweden -Nort of Sweden
    I and my sisters- have same- grandfather us- Karl-Gust
    And grandmother- Karl meet his Dear – Oncle – our father-
    Hjalmar- daddy- was so glad- us he cry – tears on his face
    Hjalmars, Dear ” brother” Gustav- emigrate to Amerika- U.S.A
    from Sweden – 1925- from Gothenborg- change boat- With- Mauretania- I think
    from Liverpool to New York –
    We meet Gustav – once time- in Sweden I was – 16. years- 1973, or 74-
    We all relative, in Sweden was so Grateful of
    meet them all-
    Psalm- 249 -Blott en dag on Swedish – sing book- of Lina Sandell
    We pry and think on Karl-Gustavs family in Amerika of theres – trouble- we was so Sorry for Carl-
    Hopes once time- we see you again- somewhere –
    Paradis- Forever-
    Peace and Loves from
    Cousins in Sweden-
    Anna- Gunborg-Karin-Emy- May-britts husband Tage-
    with Familys

    • i reed translate of Swedish – no all word- translate- been good-

      Boat Gust emi from Liverpool – name- Mauretania
      and We Pray- and thinks of
      Carl-Gustavs Family in Amerika

      Gunborg in Sweden – relativ of Carl-Gustav

      • Hallo- exuse- me- Ship Carl-Gustavs father travel to Amerika – name on ship is Stockholm from Gothenburg /harbor -Sweden
        Carls grandfather- ship travel emi- Amerika – first from Gothenburg –
        change ship travel from Liverpool name- Mauretania


  6. Many years ago I, my wife and our youngest son visited Carl and Susan.An eveningtour with their sailing ship outside Seattle was just unforgettable. We feel so sorry for Susan, the children and grandchildren. Send them our love.
    Ove Hammar and family.

  7. Met Karl while living in Pebble Creek. Karl was a light hearted guy and a pretty decent poker player. He made the game and the community better with his presence. Karl, hope you get some good hands while enjoying your best cruise ever….

    A fellow sub sailor,


  8. Karl was an inspiration to me as the former Pastor of the Church at Litchfield Park. In addition to singing on occasion, we often had talks regarding the scripture after church and his insight was always encouraging. On one occasion last fall, Karl shared with me in tears of a friend in Tucson with cancer. I prayed as he wept. Karl never asked for prayers for himself.
    I offer my genuine sympathy to Karl’s family and thank God for being touched by the life of Karl Bergstrom.
    Peace, Dale Hopely

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