Juan R. “JR” Torres

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Juan R. “JR” Torres, age 39 of Buckeye, AZ died April 13, 2019 in Buckeye, AZ. He was born August 20, 1979 in Buckeye, AZ, the oldest of six children born to Ricardo and Hilda Torres. He attended Tomahawk Elementary, Estrella Middle School and Trevor Browne High School, where he played football and basketball.  JR was a natural offensive lineman in football. His physical presence was such that his coaches remarked, “All you have to do is put a helmet on him and let him go.”

JR worked a variety of jobs, but mostly warehouse work. He also worked installing solar panels.   He was a hard worker and would outdo everyone else on the job.  As the oldest, JR was the leader and protector of his brothers and sisters.  In his youth, he would often fight his younger brother’s battles. In spite of his physical size, JR was a love-able guy. He loved to talk.  Once he started a conversation it was difficult to get him to stop. His many nieces and nephews loved to visit him and jump all over him. To them he was a big teddy bear. He loved having his family around, and enjoyed watching football and barbecuing with them.

JR is survived by his parents, Ricardo G and Hilda H Torres; grandmother, Clara Hernandez; sisters, Irma and Vanessa Torres; brother Ricardo, Jr. and Daniel Torres; and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his brother, Benjamin Torres.

A visitation will be held at 10:00 am with a funeral service at 11:00 am, Thursday, April 25, 2019 at Skyway Church, 14900 W Van Buren St, Goodyear, AZ 85338.

9 Comments on “Juan R. “JR” Torres

  1. To my Torres family…I’m deeply sorry for your loss there are know words I can say to stop the hurt you are feeling and will always feel…I want you to know I’ll be here to talk and to cry with you my family please feel free to call me 520-709-1431…I wish I could have known JR and all of better…I want to try and attend to be with you all my family GOD BLESS YOU ALL

    FRANCES TORRES aka Wilcox

  2. Too my friend jr Torres I remember when we lived next door to each other we always laughed at Daniel and venessa and Benny always fighting with each other u will always butt in to stop them from hurting each other u will be missed my friend, love you my friend RIP.

  3. My brother.. I love you so much and I miss you dearly. I still cant believe your gone. I wish this was all a bad dream and we can wake up and be together again. I know your safe and happy with Benny smiling down on all the love you left behind you have so many friends that call you brother. This makes my heart so happy I just wish you were here to see all the love surrounding our family. Brothers We will be together one day until then I will cherish all the memories we shared. Love you so very much JTMoney ❤

  4. Man homie never thought I would have to write something on ur behalf but you were a one of a kind homie who was big hearted n always acted as a big brother n security when we kicked it and gave me the nick name “crazy P” lol people use to trip out when ur big ass use to holla Sup Crazy P then come over n we clap hands n hug lol I can the look in their face like “I wonder why that big dude calls that lil dude Crazy P” man we had countless memories all the way back to the 90’s man you and Lucky are family and lil D and Ben, well you resting with the higher ups now so u til next time brotha.
    Much love Crazy P

  5. Jr I always told you how much I appreciated you 💗being a great friend & Knowing you,we would have some crazy conversations.
    How I miss talking to you.
    You told me so much,I will always love you & cherish the memories we’ve shared your one true friend,now your with your lil bro,how you would always talk about him,I never know him. Yet It seemed as if I did,when you would talk about him. 🕊️✝️
    Rest in Paradise, my dear friend. Until we meet again love ya

  6. I met u thru ur bro Daniel and the times we chilled together we had a great time by the bonfire sharing laughs clowning on each other thn hitting the casino walking out empty handed we had good memories the short time I knew u but those r the memories I will cherish of u jr. May u rest in paradise and fly high with the angels and Benny

  7. J.R where to Start Man “Big Worm” we’ve been threw it all together growing up Me ,You Wedo, Joselito lots of Good times,crazy times man you were a big teddy bear to my Boys who always jumped all over you you would play wrestle with them .. Anytime i needed you i didn’t have to worry you were always there to back it up no questions asked💯.. I’ll never forget our Times ,Now my memories😢 that i will cherish for the rest i
    Of my life Love You Bro❤ Til we meet again you’ll forever be in my Heart💙

  8. Your actions were always kind. A generous hand and an active mind. Anxious to please and Loath To offend. A loving brother and faithful friend. We’ll all miss you very much…
    Rest In Paradise

  9. My son not a day goes by without my heart getting heavy missing mijo I love you son and I miss you you so much and now you have you little brother with you keep him close so I love and miss you so much Rest in Paradise son till we meet again💔😭👼

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