What Is Your Budget For Funeral And Cremation Service?

The cost of funeral planning doesn’t have to be a burden when a family has a good plan in place. At Thompson Funeral Chapel we offer a range of services to match every budget. Additionally, our team is here to support with a few effective methods that can help to reduce the price of your funeral services. If you are looking for affordable support for funeral and cremation in Surprise, AZ, then right now is a great time to talk to our team.

Do You Have To Add-On Expenses For Funeral Planning?

The important thing that you need to know is that funeral planning and grief resources doesn’t have to be expensive. Often, the costs go up because families choose additional services that aren’t required for burial or cremation. While these services are nice to maintain the traditions of the family, you have the flexibility to choose whether the individual services are necessary for your funeral plan.

If you are looking for options to reduce the expenses, then you need to discuss the price points for the various services that might be included in your funeral plan:

  • Embalming: This service can be completed before a casket burial or cremation. The body is preserved so that it can be on display during a viewing or visitation. Embalming is optional if you decide on direct cremation or you want to skip the open casket event.
  • Casket: Are you planning to choose the cremation process because of its affordable cremation costs and flexible options for the cremated remains? Then there is no reason why you need to pay for an expensive casket. On the other hand, there are affordable casket options if you choose traditional burial. Talk to our team about the different price points that are available when choosing a casket for the event.
  • Facilities: It is common to hold a funeral or memorial in a funeral home where families are sending flowers. While the facilities offer a great solution for the event, the use of the building will increase the overall costs. If you are looking for ways to save money, then it might be more affordable to schedule the funeral in a church or another venue that can be used for free or at a reduced cost. Our team is available to offer the staff that is needed for an event at any venue of your choice.
  • Formal Event: While it is tradition to hold a formal funeral or memorial, some families choose to skip this big event. Instead, consider the option to have a small gathering at home. Or, you might pick an outdoor location for an informal meeting before scattering the ashes.

These are just a few costs that could have an impact on the money that you spend on the event. Our team is here to discuss your options and help you design a plan that manages your budget at the same time.

What Are The Benefits Of Preplanning?

One of the most effective ways to reduce your expenses is with funeral preplanning. There are several reasons why costs go down when you plan the event before it is time to schedule the funeral.

First, the decisions are made in a time when the family isn’t facing the emotional burden of grieving. The emotions often drive decisions that might increase the overall expenses of the event. When you plan the funeral in a situation that is free of the stress and confusion that occurs after death, then it means that you can use logic instead of allowing the emotions to impact the decisions.

Another reason you need to talk to us about funeral and cremation preplanning in Surprise, AZ is to lock in the current prices. As with all industries, prices for funerals and cremations are increasing. It is hard to predict what the costs will be when you pass away. But, you can lock in the current prices right now to avoid the increasing costs in the future.

This process allows you to know the anticipated costs so that you can budget to make the payments. Then, your family doesn’t need to come up with the money because all of the services have already been paid.

What Is Personal Attention For Funeral Planning?

Whether you are ready for information about preplanning or you need immediate attention for an emergency situation, our team at Thompson Funeral Chapel is here to assist. We offer the personal attention that you deserve for funeral and cremation planning. When you call us, we will schedule a time to meet in person so that we can discuss your preferences. We are also happy to talk about the options over the phone.

We are here to offer the best services for funeral and cremation in Surprise, AZ. For more information, you need to work with the industry experts: Thompson Funeral Chapel. We have a funeral home facility that is available for use at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338. Or, call if you would like a consultation: (623) 932-1780

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