More people are deciding to pre-plan their own final services and when you think about it, it’s really a nice thing to do. If you arrange your own Sun City, AZ cremation, your family no longer has to worry about your final service plans when your time comes. It’s like one final gift to them. However, if your family isn’t totally on board with the idea of cremation, you might have to convince them that it’s an okay way for you to go. Here are a few tips to help you convince them this is the right move for you.  

Tip 1: Tell Them Why You Want It

If you have chosen cremation for yourself, there is probably a reason behind it. Talk to your family members and tell them that you really want to be cremated—and why. Perhaps you like the idea of having your ashes scattered in a special location with an intimate gathering of relatives. Maybe you like the convenience of it, and the idea that you can have more time between your death and your memorial service so everyone can gather with ease. Or maybe you like that it’s generally cheaper so you can take care of the costs yourself in advance or so that you can leave your money to your family and not for your final services. Whatever your reasoning might be, share it with them so you can talk them into being okay with it themselves.  

Tip 2: Emphasize Your Wants

Keep in mind that when you are talking about your own cremation, it’s your wishes that count. Of course, when you are gone, your final services are also about your family, but your wants are what counts. Tell them this is what you really want for your final disposition and perhaps give them the ability to have a say in what the services are like surrounding that method. Perhaps you could compromise and have a funeral before you are cremated, or a formal memorial after the cremation takes place.  

Tip 3: Be Compassionate

Keep in mind that talking about your death is a sensitive subject that your loved ones would rather not discuss, most likely. They might fight against anything you state just because they don’t want to think about life without you. It’s sweet, really, but if you talk to them in a compassionate manner, you’re more likely to get the point across without them pushing back.  

Talking about your eventual Sun City, AZ cremation is never going to be easy, but your family should know what your plans are so you can set everything up in advance as you wish. If you need to get the plans in place, or want advice as to how you should approach your family, contact Thompson Funeral Chapel by calling (623) 932-1780. We’re here to help you with anything you need in the area of pre-planning. We’re located at 926 S Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338 and we’re here to help. Stop by and talk with our funeral director in person and we’ll help you with your plans. 

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