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Should I View My Loved One?

“Would you like to view your loved one?” It’s a question very few people are prepared to hear, let alone respond to. It seems instinctual to say, “Of course not! I can’t stand to see my loved one… Read More

Writing an Obituary

When I was in college, a portion of my final exam in Freshman English was to write my own obituary.  I could be as creative and fanciful as I chose to be, after all, it wasn’t real.  But… Read More

Pre-Planning? What’s the Rush?

As we know, many of us find it difficult to talk about death.  Although it is something that will eventually happen to all of us, it is still not a popular topic of conversation.  Unfortunately, usually the only… Read More

Having the Talk of a Lifetime

I was walking to my room one day and my mother pulled me into her room and said, “We need to talk about something important.” Many thoughts came to my mind, “Did I do something wrong?” “Am I… Read More

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